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Feb 22, 2004 12:26 PM

Bakery La Mejor, Union City

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I went to Bakery La Mejor in Union City the other day. It's a small Mexican bakery that sells very tasty sweets.

I tried the tres leche cake, a slice is around $1-$2. It's a very rich, moist yellow cake w/ a white frosting. Good.

Also got a coconut/cream pastry. Around $1-$2 a slice.
Very tasty. A favorite.

Cookies I tried:
Mexican wedding cookie-it's pretty big round cookie, wish it was smaller (more manageable to eat), lots of powder sugar, crunchy. ok. 50cents.

sprinkled sugar cookie-love the crunchy candy bits, pretty huge too. ok.

Strawberry filled cookie. Two crunchy butter cookies filled w/ a smear of chewy strawberry jam. My favorite. 50cents.

Very good prices and tasty. I spent $4 for all those items.

Bakery La Mejor
34572 Alvarado Niles Rd (in the Safeway shopping center, near Blockbusters cross street Decoto Rd)
Union City, CA

Seems that have another location also:
Bakery La Mejor
14760 E. 14 Street
San Leandro, CA

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  1. Yes! It is the destination bakery for most latinos in the tri-city area. I recommend the "campechanas" (flaky and crunchy...which is rare to find in the bay area), the "picones", and the "empanadas de calabaza" (not too sweet). The "polvorenes" here are also very tasty. The bakery also makes mini-sized "conchas" for parties but you have to special order these.

    1. slice of tres leche cake is $1.50. Still good. She put it in a paper bag and trying to get it out I split up the slice. Pics attached.

      Bakery La Mejor
      Union City
      Hrs: M-Sun 6am-10pm