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Sep 29, 2005 03:44 PM

Champagne Cocktail Ideas

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Going to a brunch party, and wanted some ideas for cocktails rather than the same old Mimosa. Ideas?

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  1. Here is a website with Champagne Cocktail recipes. I'm not sure if you're looking for other brunch cocktails, but its a start!


    1. Not found often in the US but very popular in Canada....try Bloody Caesar's.....make similar to Bloody Mary but use Clamato is truly a different taste. Salt and pepper rims and decorate with lemon wedge, olive sticks, or celery stalk etc. For other options...try Amaretto and OJ, or Peach Snapps and OJ. Doing the frozen OJ and mixing in blender so it's foamy..and adding liquors is attractive.

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        peppermint pate

        Try mixing it with pomegranate juice or freshly squeezed blood orange juice (with a section of orange). Gorgeous colour - particularly lovely for autumn. You can also use a good sparkling wine/prosecco (like Segura Viudas) for this kind of a cocktail and it still tastes great.

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          I did pomegranite juice (really, pomegranite-ade) with prosecco last Christmas. Sprinkled a few seeds on the top. It was nice.

        2. My favorites are Champagne and Chambord, Kir Royales and Bellinis. I have also heard of adding cranberry juice and a few cranberries to champagne. I have alwys wanted to have a brunch with a variety of juices and champagne i.e bluberry juice strawberry purree, pear juice

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            I thought champagne and Chambord *was* a kir royale -- am I missing something? Whatever you call it, champagne and Chambord is *wonderful*!

            I've also had a delicious cocktail of champagne and elderflower water

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              I think a traditional kir royale (or kir for that matter) is made with cassis (black current). But, chambord is lovely too, and I love champagne with elderflower water or syrup as well.

              1. re: MMRuth

                Another vote for elderflower & champagne-deeeelicious.

            2. re: Notorious P

              I had a very dry champagne with the teensy-ist bit of unsweetened cranberry juice at the bottom (Trader Joe's sells it). It was just great.

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                At holiday times, my family likes a champagne punch. There are a lot of varieties. We put in plenty of grapes, cherries, raspberries, blueberries.

                The kiddos loved it when mom made them special non-alcoholic versions.

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                  That sound fabulous! i'm having a cranberry themed party this month and it sounds easy and delicious! What kind of Champagne did you use?

                  1. re: Joanne

                    I often use Freixenet (sp?) when making cocktails like this - you get the bubbly w/o "wasting" a better quality champagne/sparkling wine.

              2. There used to be a spanish rest. here in chicago that made, what i thought, to be the perfect champange cocktail.

                In champange flute drop one sugar cube, add dash of bitters, a good dash of spanish brandy, a teeny splash of grenadine. Pour champange, slowly, over all, garnish with a thin wedge of orange. Delicious.