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Sep 29, 2005 10:50 AM

Fried Chinese Noodles

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You know those noodles that you generally get on the table on non-fancy Asian restaurants--the ones that are so full of greasy goodness you must kindly "remind" your server to keep refilling them? Does anyone have a recipe for these?

I was at a catered event at work last week, and one of the food displays incorporated a version of these noodles. Basically, they were what you would get at a restaurant, though perhaps slightly larger. While I realize that most items such as this are purchased rather than made fresh by the caterer, I actually think that these particular ones were homemade. So, if anyone out there has a recipe for these little bits of joy, I'd greatly appreciate it. Or, (though it really isn't appropriate for this board) if you know a good brand of these noodles, that would be great too. Most of the brands at the supermarket are thin and lacking the grease and pockets of air that are essential. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Don't get all sweaty trying to make these.

    Egg roll wrappers or wonton wrappers (which are just egg roll wrappers cut in 1/4) cut to the size you want them (you can just cut the stack all at once), the pile crumpled a bit to make sure they all come apart, and deep-fried 350' until not QUITE as golden as you'd like (they'll get a little more done in the few seconds between the oil and the draining rack).

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    1. re: Wayne Keyser
      ChowFun (derek)

      I literally just tried that yesterday...they aren't the same somehow,,,they did fry, but not "puff up" I even experimented by keeping a few layers together, but no luck....!

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        I think most places that serve those strips use the heavyweight won ton skins. Not the thin. If you are really hooked on this abomination, you can roll out your own pasta dough and fry the strips. You might also try store-bought fresh fetuccini and cut into short strips.

    2. Are you referring to shrimp chips Or actual fried noodles strips like pictured below.



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      1. re: theSauce

        I would say neither. The shrimp chips look similar to what I am desiring, though they look fluffier and lighter in color than what I am hoping for. Plus, I would guess there is a reason that they have the word "shrimp" in their title- meaning, perhaps they contain some sort of shrimp flavoring?

        The chips that you had a picture of looked more like "chow mein" noodles to me. I am hoping for a wider, flatter noodle.

        Thanks for asking, though

        1. re: Laura

          Sorry, I wish I can help you, but where I live (Northen California), restaurants usually don't serve any fried noodles as a freebie starter. If you happen to come across a picture please post it. I'd really like to know the fried noodles you're referring to.

          1. re: theSauce

            This is strictly an Eastern dish. In many Chinese restaurants a bowl of fried won ton strips are put on the table, usually as croutons for the ubiquitous egg drop soup (Eastern Chinese cooks are sworn to cook nothing but tasteless egg drop soup). Regular Western won ton skins are quite thin, but you can (at places like 99 Ranch) get thicker won ton skins, which puff slightly when fried. The canned/packaged Chow Mein noodles (already fried), have a similar taste, but are shaped differetly. I suppose if you refried them they would be greasy enough to satisfy the Eastern taste.

            1. re: Jim H.

              I actually love those fried strips - even after five years at the edge of the San Gabriel Valley, to which tourists from *Hong Kong* come for the food, I remember with a certain fondness the pallid, bland "Chinese food" of Nashville, and the thick, almost gelatinous egg drop and hot & sour soups with handfuls of those strips sitting (not floating, SITTING) on top...

          2. re: Laura

            I think what you are looking for is what some have already suggested... they are egg roll skins cut in strips (whatever width you like) and deep fried....

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. I know, it's like, why would I want to make something like this, right? But why do people try to make things like twinkies from scratch? One may never know...thanks again!

          1. I think you're looking for a noodle most commonly sold as an "egg roll wrapper". They're bigger than wonton skins, and a little thicker.

            1. One of the Asian markets near me carries fresh noodles in 3 widths, including a fettucine width. Haven't deep fried them to see, but they're very fine stir fried.

              I think I did make some tortillas a couple of times with the pasta roller, cut some and fry them. Layering the dough a few times with flour in the process made them puff up like sopapillas. Corn tortillas cut into strips and fried for tortilla soup do this to some extent as well.