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Sep 28, 2005 03:09 PM

Salmon and Whole Cranberry Sauce?

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I have left over salmon and left over cranberry sauce and want to put the two together somehow. I see a recipe for a cranberry mustard sauce with shallots and redwine vinegar that looks enticing. Any other ideas?

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  1. Something about that combination makes me very queasy indeed. I can't imagine salmon and cranberries going well together.

    1. How about tossing it altogether in a salad? Play around with that idea.

      1. My first wife had a recipe for bread stuffing for fish, which she used on the occasions when we had a whole salmon, and a key ingredient was Heinz chili sauce. This was combined with finely-chopped celery and onion, and stale (not crackly-dry) breadcrumbs. Though you'd never want to put that sauce directly onto the fish, the combination of fruity-sweet and tangy flavors blended into the stuffing worked perfectly. You don't say how much of any ingredient you have, but assuming the salmon is cooked, perhaps a salmon loaf or cakes with a cranberry-etcetera sauce would be nice. I am NOT enticed by the idea of such a sauce on the bare fish...