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Sep 28, 2005 02:59 PM

Non-dairy kugel recipe?

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Can anyone share an easy, non-dairy recipe for noodle kugel? It seems all the recipes I've seen include cottage cheese, cream cheese, and/or other dairy products. I need a non-dairy recipe for the holiday next week. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Are butter and eggs ok? If so....



    Kugel's pretty easy to make anyway, so either of these should be a snap - possibly not what you and your guests remember of kugels from days gone past, but certainly non-dairy.

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      Butter is dairy and not allowed.But oil is okay. Eggs are neurtral and can be used in a non dairy kugel.

    2. My friend makes one with pareve margarine, finely diced apples, raisins, and cinammon. It goes really well with brisket, and is just sweet enough (for the New Year). You might want to search the Jewish recipe archives for recipes ( It's a great resource.

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        In the San Francisco Chronicle today there was an article on kugel and one of the recipes provided is a non-dairy one. The link is below.


          1. in my family, we make it with just noodles and eggs. one of my cousins sautes onions and puts that in too. the trick is to use Goodman's noodles and many eggs - at least 8 per pound of noodles. and don't overcook the noodles. add salt to taste before backing. put oil in the bottom of the pan before adding the noodles mixed with the eggs. bake until set.