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Sep 26, 2005 08:58 PM

gefilte fish

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i'd like to make gefilte fish this rh...i live in florida and can't get any white northern fish...what substitutes would you recommend?...thanx and shana tova

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  1. I believe the traditional fish are carp or pike, but you could sub any mild-tasting, firm white fish. This might be a good question to ask on the kosher board.

    1. I usually use a combination of pike and tilapia... don't know if you can get tilapia in FL.

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        I think Florida is where they were first introduced in this country. I assume people eat them there, too...

        Gefilte fish is not prominent in my cultural background, but I'd think tilapia would be just about perfect: it's very fine-grained and firm, and has next to no flavor of its own. It's pretty cheap, too, which is why we eat so much of it!

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        Carp is a really nasty fish. Pike is nice. Also whitefish. People up here in Brooklyn will even use salmon. Even when I use carp, I use carp mixed with whitefish or pike.