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Sep 26, 2005 12:27 PM

Lamb shank recipe?

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I have some lamb shanks and need a good recipe, if possible a non-braise recipe. im thinking roast or grill on the stove top, thanks (or do u think that this is not the right cut of meat for a roast?) :)

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  1. Shanks of any kind just about have to be cooked very slowly in moisture, just because of their composition: hard-working muscles, muscle sheathing and sinew. The sinew and sheathing melt into gooey goodness, and the meat relaxes and opens up its deep flavor. Now, I suppose if you can deep-fry a turkey, you should be able to do the same with lamb shanks - might even be really good. But dry-roasting will just give you some very dry, tough meat.

    1. I would NOT cook lamb shanks any way other than braising in a fruity red wine. Preferably loaded with rosemary and garlic. I marinate my shanks 2-3 days before cooking.

      1. This is a braise, but you can do it on the stove top.

        In a Dutch Oven, brown 4 shank pieces in olive oil. Pour off the fat. Scatter over the meat about a pound of chopped plum tomatoes, some chopped garlic and fresh basil. At about 1/4 cup water. Put the lid on and cook 1 1/2 hours. Greater than the sum of it's parts.

        1. Try googling Lamb Shank Osso Bucco. These will be braised, but are ideal fo this.

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            sally from LA

            Lamb shanks are better braised.
            Giada di Laurentiis had a good recipe on her show "Everyday Italian" - you can probably get it through the food network website.