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Sep 26, 2005 09:56 AM

How many crabs for ??????-help!

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I am having a rehersal dinner for 30 at a Crab House. We are having 30 people which will include 6 kids. So 24 eaters out of which will be 15 big crab eaters- the others either 1 or 2 or none. We will also serve barbecue or fried chicken. How may dozen medium crabs would you order - I want the crab lovers to happy but do not want left over crabs which are very expensive, the least expensive are $44 a dozen.

How much chicken. Please help with you advice.

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  1. What kind of crabs are you talking about? Blue or Dungeness, for example, would make a huge difference.

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      I am sorry I am from maryland- we pretty much only think blue crab- so blue crab it is.

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        dungeoness at $44/dzn? your funny(this coming from the left coast)

        1. re: dkd

          I know, wishful thinking. I was about to hop in a car and drive wherever these crabs are. Although when they're in season, you can get one crab for under $5 at an Asian market. That's almost a dozen...if you have bad math like I do.

          But no, seriously. I knew they were going to be smaller crabs, I just couldn't think of any other than Blue and Dungeness at the moment.

      2. Good lord, those are some expensive crabs. I miss the days of filling up ice chests full of crabs with nothing more than a chicken neck, a piece of string, and a net.

        I'm a crab eater, and I think that a half dozen would be enough if given sides. I can run through a lot more than that if they were available, but any crab person would know the relative cost and would be understanding of a limit.

        1. My husband is a MD boy and if you are talking med's then I would recommend at the very very minimum you allow for 1/2 dozen per person including the kids. That would allow some flexibility with the big eaters getting a little more and the small eaters getting a little less. My husband and his brothers could easily eat a dozen mediums without any effort. I can also tell you that if you serve the crabs in the traditional manner (piled high on the table and let everyone go at it)then his whole family and all his local MD friends would eat their fill of crabs first and would have little to no interest in the BBQ or chicken unless the crabs ran out. Not out of rudeness but because if the crabs are there they are going to want to eat those first.

          Just an example I had a crab boil for my husbands 40th. We had 5 couples plus ourselves- total 12 people. We went thru almost 6 dozen LARGES! I made cornbread, coleslaw, mixed salad and potato salad. I had about 5 crabs left over and tons of the sides.