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Sep 25, 2005 09:13 PM

Thicker Dulce de Leche

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I've been making dulce de leche using the boil-the-can-of-condensed-sweetened-milk method. It's coming out fairly thick (I'm boiling from three to four hours), but I'm trying to figure out a way to make it even thicker so that that it's almost a paste. I tried cooking it afterwards with a cornstarch paste for a few minutes, but it's still kind of runny.

Does anyone know how to make it thicker (so that it could be a filling in a sandwich cookie without running over the sides)?


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  1. I'd suggest pouring it out on a cookie sheet and sticking it in the oven at, say, 225 for a while. that should make it the consistency of caramel.

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      Don't know if they have this brand everywhere in the country but La Lechera brand dulce de leche in a can is probably the consistency you're looking for. It's made by Nestle and I believe they just take their condensed milk product and boil or pressure cook it. It's what I use to cheat when make alfajores (sandwich cookies).

    2. When I do the boil-a-can method my comes out very thick, like a fudgy pudding consistency (sort of), but I boil mine for longer than hours. I use good ol' borden sweetened condensed milk and probably boil it for 6 hours or more adding water as needed to keep completely covered. Maybe try it for longer?

      Also, are you waiting until it's completely cooled to open it? That could make a difference too. I actually put mine in the fridge to get it cool. Gets very very thick. Nor pourable at all. I have to spoon it out and it stays that consistency when at room temp.

      Good luck! Let us know what you end up doing.

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        Ditto-- Borden for 5 hours, cool it fully before opening. (I let mine sit overnight on the counter, I'm afraid of putting it into the fridge right away given the sudden temp. change). Mine pushes out of the can like jellied cranberry sauce.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried an initial boil of more than 3 hours, but that might be the key.

        I'll also try the cookiesheet method to see how that goes.