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Sep 23, 2005 05:56 PM

What to do with pumpkinseed oil

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I'm thinking some kind of salad dressing. Has anyone used this before?


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  1. Is it the beautiful dark green oil from southern Austria? (Kürbiskernöl?)

    If so, then refrigerate it immediately! It's extremely prone to going rancid.

    This stuff is hauntingly delicious. Use as you would any fine extra virgin olive oil (ie. vinaigrettes) It's especially good baked into cakes, or dripped on vanilla ice cream. If you can track down a recipe for olive oil gelato, substitute Kürbiskernöl with good results.


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      It's so delicious, I find it hard to move beyond using it just as a dipping oil. I've also had it served over some mozzarella that was so fresh, it was still warm. Surely it's most memorable use.

    2. I use it in salad dressings, drizzled on cooked greens and have used it in baking as well as soups and stews. It has quite a strong taste so go easy with it, use it in much smaller quantites than EVOO. It is almost a flavoring. I have not refrigerated it and have had no problem with rancidity after many months. The first bottle was brought to me from Austria, but I have also purchased it at Whole Foods.

      1. Think I've mentioned this in an earlier thread, but one of my favorite salads uses pumpkin seed oil and is served at Lutter & Wegner, a good restaurant in Berlin.

        I mix olive oil and pumpkin seed oil 3:1 and dress a salad of fresh field lettuce (mache). Then I toast a good amount of walnuts in a dry skillet and toss them in with the greens. Nothing else, not even vinegar or lemon juice. Use plenty of walnuts; the idea is that the salad is really full of them.

        Velvety, rich, smooth ... a delightful salad, good with just some crusty bread and goat cheese.

        1. Drizzle it in pumpkin soup along with some pumpkin seeds. I make my soup with chicken broth and ground hazelnuts, or ground pecans. I cook it for a long time slowly until it turns brown.

          Deep, interesting flavors with the pumpkinseed oil.

          There should be a pumpkinseed oil cake I wrote up in the archives somewhere. The recipe comes directly from someone in Graz, Austria.

          1. Dipping sauce or drizzling sauce. My doctor is nagging me to get flax oil into my diet (bland, boring, and you can't heat it) so I use pistachio oil or pumpkin seed oil to give the flax oil a fine flavor for dipping or drizzling. If you swirl them together gently, you have something very pretty that a snobbish restaurant would be proud to have on the table.