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Sep 23, 2005 04:01 PM

Quiche Crust??

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Inspired by a recent quiche thread I recently whipped up a basic quiche. I used a store bought crust and found it vile and sweet. The quiche filling however was great.

Does anyone have a great quiche crust recipe or a way to make a crustless version? The big challenge here is a rather total lack of kitchen counter space - I have a tiny galley kitchen, my 'counter is the covered sink, less than a foot wide.


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  1. Did you try Marie Callendar's crust? I think it's pretty good for ready made and use it for quiche.

    1. If you look down at the apple pie thread I posted an all butter crust yesterday that would work for you very well. You can just pour the quiche ingredients into a pie plate and bake it crustless too. I spray the pie plate with Pam first so it comes out nicely and as a carb counter I find this works just fine. If you don't care about carb count get a good crusty baguette to have along with the crustless quiche. It is just a savoury custard.

      1. What brand did you use? I've had my best results with the Pillsbury refrigerated crusts, as opposed to the frozen ones...although I've never really objected to the slightly "manufactured" flavor of the frozen ones I've used (Morton's, Pillsbury, Mrs. Smith's, various store brands).

        As this is essentially a custard you're making, you could bake it crustless in a water bath - put the dish into a larger but fairly shallow one, set it in the preheated oven and pour boiling water around it, enough to come most of the way up the sides of the pie dish.

        My favorite quiche is a cheese and green chile one, and I've made it crustless by opening out and drying off the chiles (I use Ortega canned ones) and lining a greased pie-dish with those, overlapped enough to keep the custard mostly contained.

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          It was a frozen crust but I don't actually remember the brand. The chili crust sounds great.

        2. I use puff pastry and a square pan instead of traditional crust and a round pie pan. It always gets rave reviews.

          1. An alternative to a great flaky [pie] quiche crust is to dice and saute mushrooms (criminis are flavorful and dry enough) and add dry bread crumbs or pulverized crackers (many varieties are good > use your favorite). The spices are variable. About 2/3 lbs mushrooms and 3-4 TBsp butter. Bake like a graham cracker crust.

            What was your filling recipe? Can you share?

            I have a great recipe in storage right now, but may be able to find one on the web. It is an old fashioned recipe and includes a tsp of vinegar and fresh cold bits of butter. You don't taste the vinegar (unless you're a super taster). It is a very flaky pie crust. Anyone have one like that?

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              The mushroom crust sounds great!

              I'm linking challenged but in terms of the recipe I used a combination of the recipes posted in the previous quiche thread (ie, read them at work went home and winged it). Then again you can't really go wrong with custardy goodness!