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Sep 22, 2005 09:20 PM

Chipotles in Adobo

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I have, after much difficulty here in Oz, acquired a one gallon tin of chipotles in adobo from Mexico. Trouble is, I'm hardly likely to use them all at once. How do I keep them once they're opened? Can I freeze them in smaller lots? And while we're at it, what's adobo?

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  1. Adobo sauce for canned chilis is tomato and vinegar sauce. I don't which came first, Chicken Adobo from the Philippines (which has a dollop of soy sauce included) or chiles en adobo....since both Mexico and the Philippines were occupied by Spain, maybe they evolved from some Spanish dish. I know that France has some wonderful vinegar-based chicken dishes, too.

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      Adobo is the Spanish word for a marinade. "En adobo" basically means marinated.

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        The two adobos evolved separately. When the Spanish arrived in the Phillipines they noticed a dish aesthetically similar to what they called adobo and the name apparently stuck.

      2. It freezes very well. It will also keep in the fridge for at least a couple months.

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          one gallon? holy cow.

          yes, they freeze very well. Make sure to freeze them in portioned amounts... some folks use ice cube trays. I just lay them out in smaller portions on a baking sheet lined with parchment. Once frozen, I throw into a ziplock bag.

          (btw, one way to use a lot of them is in chipotle mayo. I wouldn't have a burger with out it now...

          - Adam

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            Holy cow least you aren't gonna have to do any more searching for a while!

            If you're into making the sweet-spicy kind of barbecue sauce, one of those peppers buzzed in a blender with the other ingredients makes it just wonderful. They're also a great addition to beef or pork stews and braises. That sauce they come in is pretty yummy too. Hot, though!

            Jeez, a gallon! One is tempted to ask: Imperial or American?

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              Many thanks for yours, and others' responses! It's imported from Mexico, so I'd assume it's an American gallon. Cost about $AU28, I think.

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                OMG..!!!! A freakin' gallon???? Whoa...much as I LOVE those chipotles in adobo and seek out new ways to use them, they are mighty potent and would take me a darned long time to use them up!!!! Into the freezer they would go! PLUS, I would give some away, truly, to anyone who wants to use them also...I would think that after a few months, the freezer would take effect on them and they'd be a bit diminished (that's my theory, anyway!)

          2. I take individual (if they are whole) chilis and a tsp of sauce and lay out on a piece of saran wrap on a pan until they freeze. Then I put in a freezer ziploc bag (sometimes I'll wrap each little frozen chili/sauce portion in saran before putting it in the bag, so it makes it super-easy to pull out of the freezer). Any extra sauce I'll just freeze in a cylinder (like you would do for cookie dough), then wrap in saran wrap/put in a freezer bag so I can pull it out and chop off pieces as needed.

            1. I'm glad to see it freezes well, I need only a TBSP for my chicken quesadillas so I am freezing the rest in an ice cube tray.

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                I freeze Ziploc bags full and break off a hunk when needed. It breaks very nicely. Just use gloves if possible!

              2. You've got a couple years worth of chipotle, mate. Freezer burn is what you need to avoid. Zip lock bags are ok for a month or two, but if you have (or have a friend who has) a vacuum sealer, freeze the chipotles in whatever size you like, then vacuum seal them, and they will be available for your grandchildren to enjoy.

                Oh, hell. I just noticed how old the original post is. Hope Phil's chipotles kept well, or this thread is useful for the next person who buys a gallon of chipotles.