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Sep 22, 2005 05:58 PM

Red Bananas from Costa Rica - now what?

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I have quite a few of these, and no idea what to do with them, never tried them before. Googling up some info it seems that they may be interchangable with regular yellow bananas, but that doesn't seem like much fun. Is there anything special you do with them? Recipes?

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  1. Other than the price, skin color, maybe slightly creamier texture, they are the same as your typical yellow Cavendish species found in US markets everywhere. Banana icecream would be nice!

    1. Banana bread! There seems to be several posts and recipes in this forum on banana breads.

      The best banana bread I've ever had was in Maui where they use apple bananas which are sweeter and starcher than regular yellow Chiquitas.

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        Now THAT Is a fantastic idea for manzanos(manzana=apple + platano=banana in Spanish--that's what they call apple bananas in the Mission District in San Francisco).

        I think a softer creamier banana might be well shown off in a simple banana milk shake, although the suggestion for ice cream was also spot on. Something simple that will let you taste the flavor. And if the flavor's not to your liking, bake it into something else.

      2. I like to use them in fruit smoothies and eat them plain. A regular sized yellow banana is too big for a one serving smoothie, especially since I like to mix in other fruits. The little red ones are the perfect size. I don't find much of a flavor difference. If they cost more than regular bananas, there is little point in wasting them on banana bread since any minor flavor difference would be lost anyway.

        1. banana cream pie. flaky pie crust + custard + whipped cream + your bananas.