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Sep 21, 2005 03:41 PM

Impressive Rosh Hashana Vegetarian Entree recipes?

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any good recipes for a Rosh Hashana vegetarian main course?

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    nearsighted lady

    Some traditional Rosh Hashanah favorites - carrot tzimmes, kugels, are easy to prepare as vegeatrian dishes. For main dishes, though, rather than trying to adapt a traditional Jewish meat-based menu,I'd suggest that you seek out vegetarian Thanksgiving-type recipes. For instance, one of the Moosewood cookbooks (sorry, I forget which one) has a terrific recipe for stuffed acorn squash. Especially with Rosh Hashanah coming so late this year, the autumnal quality of these foods would seem especially seasonal and appropriate.

    1. l
      La Dolce Vita

      Check out the Zuni Cafe Cookbook and Deborah Madison's "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone."

      Zuni has some great recipes for lentils, wonderful-looking recipes for making gnocci, and some recipes (I think in the dessert section) that incorporate dates and pomegranites--both of which are traditional for Rosh Hashana.

      Madison's book is a good all-purpose reference, whether or not you are vegetarian.

      Good luck!