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Sep 21, 2005 03:07 PM

Figs and Fish?

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I was planning to try the Zuni chicken and figs recipe tonight, but the husband just called and said he stopped by the fishmonger and bought Mahi (he has made friends w/ the owner and buys whatever he is told is best).

Is there any way the fig sauce could be adjusted to go with fish, or would this be a weird combo. I have a lot of figs that need to be used before Friday....when I go to the fruit stand and buy more figs ;-)

And if not...any good ideas for a big piece of Mahi? I have in the frige freshly made pesto, muscadines, a few raspberries, some green and yellow peppers and a few small Mr. Stripeys still out on the vines.

Many thanks!

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  1. i would go for it with the fig sauce. it's a sweet-and-tart flavor, which would probably be fine with the fish. let us know how it turns out!

    1. It may be a weird combo, especially a fig sauce, which would definitely be too cloying for my taste. Instead you might try a fig salsa brightened with another fruit like a nectarine and lime and mint perhaps. I've never done this but its a definite possibility.

      1. Eh. It was OK. Definately not cloying, because of the vinegar. Not a super match for the fish but...

        I cooked some freshly shelled Fordhook Limas and then tossed in a coarsely chopped Mr. Stripey still warm from the sun. Added a grilled yellow pepper chopped and served that on the same plate as the fish and sauce. Topped the beans with a dab of Foster's Market 7 pepper jelley. The veggies were fantastic, and every thing on the plate except for the fish and the pepper jelly was grown in my county, if not in my back yard. I love summer.

        1. I actually half-assed an attempt at the Zuni Chick-Fig, and it turned out great. I had some frozen pearl onions and half a red onion (and some baby carrots), and I think the folks who suggested the reds were right -- it def'y took the edge off the sugar. But then again, I didn't have any honey on hand either. Oh, I also added a little splash of bourbon, just cuz. And finally, I took the suggestion by others to really brown the chicken well and I think that also made it work.

          This is def'y a repeat recipe. And it's my lunch today.

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          1. re: Nab

            Thanks for the report back. This recipe is so open to improvisation. I think I recommended browning well and red onions, so glad to hear that it worked out. Am looking forward to making this dish again. Did you serve this w/ anything else?

            Note to Danna: sorry I didn't see your query yesterday. I would've warned you about the fish and figs combo. Figs are too honey-like and meaty for fish IMO. I really only see this prep working well for various birds besides chicken (quail, game hen, duck). Can't see it translating well to lamb, beef, fish. Could be ok w/ pork, but not great. Give the chicken a try next time...

            1. re: Carb Lover

              Ha, I was thinking of serving it with something else, but we had been snacking on the fresh figs, brie & baguettes that by the time chicken was ready we just had that on its own. I had it solo today for lunch too and it came out great again.

              Thanks for the suggestions. Btw, I thought the baby carrots worked very well. Soft & sweet.