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Sep 21, 2005 03:01 AM

The plum torte... and a plum crumble.

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Marian Burros has a piece on fall cooking in Wednesday's NYT Dining & Wine section.

The accompanying recipes include the one for her original plum torte (made famous on this board by galleygirl) as well as a new one for a plum crumble that she says is even better than the torte.

Plum torte recipe:

Plum crumble recipe:


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  1. She says to use only TWO plums in today's recipe. Could that be corret? only 2 for 6-8 people?

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    1. re: vozick

      on the it says 12 plums...much more reasonable!

    2. I made the plum crumble (using 12 plums, not 2 as mistakely written in the paper) this morning and it is really, really delicious! I didn't put it the candied ginger because I didn't have any lying around and was also fraid the gingeriness would overwhelm the plums. It was super-delish--and very easy to throw together.

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      1. re: dixieday

        I noticed the recipe calls for Italian or prune plums which aren't available around here. I was thinking about making this and was wondering if there would be any problem with substituting another type of plum.