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A savory alternative to yogurt+granola?

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So for the last month, I've been eating plain yogurt, granola, and a small amount of either honey or preserves for breakfast. I love it: the textures, the flavors, the sweetness.

However, I notice that I like it even more with a handful of salted toasted nuts.

So, are there any people out there who have a great idea for something savory to put in the yogurt instead? Is there an unsweetened granola I should know about? Is there a crunchy alternative that's salty?

I don't just want bland, which is what I'd get if I ate my yogurt plain or without the honey. I want something salty to alternate with my something sweet. I've hit a wall with this one, but I'm sure others have great ideas.


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  1. Maybe soy nuts? They come in savory flavors (salted, honey/mustard, BBQ) and def. have a crunch. Also sesame sticks? Lots of savory snackie things at Trader Joe's.

    1. I get my granola mailorder from Galaxy Granola. Its pretty low cal and REALLY crunchy. See link. My favorite is cranberry-orange. I mix it w vanilla yogurt which I put in the freezer for about an hour and add cut up fruit in season (lateley its peaches), a mix of TJ's high fiber cereal and Special K w vanilla. Sometimes I add honey roasted cashews. Its my ultimate comfort meal.

      Link: http://www.galaxygranola.com/

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        I love Galaxy Granola too.

        Why the freezer?

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          I love my yogurt frozen for some reason. Might mix in a few tablespoons of just refrigerated yogurt to smooth it out. I like things really cold and really crunchy. Try it.

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          Thamks for posting the link. I think I'm going to try the gingersnap granola.

        3. Pretzels!!! (with caramel!!!)

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            That was what I was going to suggest, except with peanut butter chips :)

            Trail mix makes a great sweet, salty addition. Raisins, seeds, nuts, a carob or white chocolate chip here and there...

            Don't know if they're too sweet, but unsweetned, natural graham crackers are good, especially with unsweetened applesauce.

            Also, if you make or buy not very sweet bran muffins, they're great heated and crumbled up into yogurt.

            Bob's Red Mill also makes an apple granola that isn't very sweet at all.

            Don't know how "savory" you're looking for, but yogurt makes a great substitute for mayonnaise in egg salad, chicken salad, potato salad, etc.

          2. Roasted, lightly salted sunflower seeds.

            1. My favorite granola is the Granny Apple from Trader Joe's, which has really lovely chunks of walnuts in it. Perhaps not as savory as you want... I've been tempted to throw in soynuts before, but resisted.

              1. My favorite breakfast right now: plain yogurt (total greek yogurt or dannon), 1/2 cup fresh or frozen microwaved berries and - for the crunch - 2 spoonfulls of wheat germ! Yummy and nutritious.

                1. Seems like Trader Joe's packaged goods would give you ideas. You might like the cashews that are covered in honey and sesame seeds. To keep it interesting, you can alternate crunchy cereals.

                  1. I've never tried this combo, but Indian snack mixtures as a topping for plain yogurt? Maybe the ones with rice puffs, peanuts, raisins, sugar & spices?

                    1. Chex mix, that's as savory as you can get.

                      1. Hi nooodles

                        Did you know that it is rediculously easy to make your own granola? Then you can control the sweetness as you like. In fact I once made a batch which contained big chips of sea salt that did not dissolve completely and it was a really interesting contrast to the sweetness! Salty granola... I dare you to find that at Trader Joe's :-)

                        Seriously, once you do it (for the cost of pennies, mind you) you'll feel stupid paying $4.00 for a small bag.

                        I've made Alton Brown's recipe many times (see link below) although I use unsweetened coconut because there is already so much sugar in the maple syrip that sweetened coconut makes it overly sweet for my taste.

                        Oh and I forgot to tell you the best part.... after about 15 minutes in the oven, your kitchen will fill with the incredible aroma of fresh granola. There's nothing like it. (only one tip... don't use macadamia nuts... the high fat content makes them burn quickly and they will ruin your whole batch! Add them at the end)

                        Mr. Taster

                        Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/cda/r...

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                          I always suspected, but never ate enough granola to care. Now that I'm eating it more, I will definitely have to try my hand at it. Thanks for the sea salt idea. Salty granola is exactly what I'm after. Salt and honey is such a delicious combination, IMO.

                          Seriously, I would do this purely for its value as an air freshener.

                          Salty granola...I can't get over it. I'm salivating as I type (what's new).

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                            Great... please report back. I'd love to hear your granola making story.

                            Oh, one last thing... it is SO important to stir the granola every 15 minutes. Remember, the mix is coated in sugar so if you leave it in one place for too long, it will burn on one side, and even a little burn can really funkify the whole batch.

                            Mr. Taster

                          2. re: Mr. Taster

                            How long does your granola usually keep? I assume you let it cool down completely and then put it in an airtight container. In the fridge or out?

                            I just did the math, and that is a whole lot of granola. It makes something like 6 or 7 cups of food. I don't think I've ever purchased more than two cups out of the bulk bin at a time. This'll be fun.

                            1. re: nooodles

                              I don't know how long it keeps because it's so delicious that it does in a couple of days. No fridge, just an airtight tub on the countertop. I'd worry that the humidity in the fridge would moisten it. The best flavor is right out of the oven... after that it's still pretty amazing but lacks that fresh punch.

                              Maybe I'll make some too :-)

                              Mr. Taster

                          3. One of the combos I like is Trader Joes ginger granola & plain yogurt, the ginger gives it a nice kick. I also use frozen raspberries and chopped nuts with a drizzle of honey.

                            1. My favorite savory breakfast dish---try Dr Pragers (sp) spinach pancakes, broiled as directed...top with a big dollop of yogurt, prefereably Total/Fage (I use 0% fat), a thin slice of smoked salmon, and, if desired, a small dollop of salmon roe. A fabulous savory alternative to yogurt and granola.....