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Sep 20, 2005 09:12 AM


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Hi there,

If I made quiche on Monday, will it still be safe to eat on Thursday?

If not, I will freeze it. But can you provide advice on how to thaw/reheat?


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  1. As long as it was refrigerated it will be fine. Reheat covered in a moderate oven.

    1. What will suffer is texture. The bottom crust will probably be a bit soggy and the filling may begin to leak liquid. Reheat on the bottom rack of the oven to crisp the bottom crust a bit. Will definitely be perfectly safe to eat, just not quite as good as it once was.

      1. FWIW, my wife's incredibly delicious quiches are better after a few days refrigeration. We usually reheat them by the piece in a HOT oven.

        1. Am I the only person in the world who prefers quiche both day-old (or more) and COLD? A slice or three of a lovely cheesy green-chile or bacon/onion quiche right out of the fridge, and some coffee, is to me about as good as a quick breakfast gets...

          Anyway, if you need to reheat, please note that all the other posters so far are saying OVEN, not microwave oven. Nuking quiche guarantees a soppy wet bottom crust...a thing which too many restaurants haven't figured out.

          1. To avoid getting a soggy crust, let the quiche come to room temperature on a rake before placing into the refrigerator. Cover loosely to avoid condensation build-up.
            As for heating up, I prefer it at room temperature, so I defer to the brethren.