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Sep 19, 2005 06:00 PM

hey, my applesauce is fermenting!

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I made applesauce last week with apples that had dropped from the tree. I cut off all the bruised bits. I made a couple of quarts, and stuck them in the fridge. Apples and a little sugar/cinnamon, that's it.

It was delicious for a couple of days.

I just opened the jar and it's was a little bubbly. And cidery. No mold, but it is definately going into cider territory taste-wise.

I jarred hundreds of quarts of applesauce as a kid, but that was a hot pack serious caning sort of endeavor. I never just made it and put it in the fridge without the extra storage steps.

What happened?

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  1. You got lucky! My DH would kill for that hard applesauce. You cannot get apple cider that will ferment anymore unless you have your own press. That was his favorite fall beverage and I usually would just open the jug to break the seal and then lighgtly re-cap and put it on the screened porch and let it do it's thing.

    Your sauce is not laden with preservatives either so it is pretty natural. Enjoy! I might try that as a surprise for him, now if we could just get good apples. This time of year I miss the Clinton County, NY macs and cortlands that we took for granted. Most of the apples available in our stores are from Michigan and they just are not the same.

    1. If you don't care for the taste, and it will get stronger, use some to make applesauce nut breads and freeze. You can substitute apple sauce for much of the oil called for in those breads and have a nice moist loaf. There are probably recipes on Epi.

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        THAT is an excellent idea that I should have thought of myself but did not . . . THANKS