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Sep 19, 2005 10:56 AM

Banana brownies - are they good?

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I'm going to make the Bittman brownie recipe today, using good, expensive chocolate...
Now, I have some overripe banana and the book suggests adding mashed banana to the batter as a variation. Will I be ruining my chocolatey brownies or will this combination be a delicious thrill?
AND what else should I add to the batter if I put bananas in?

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  1. don't spoil good chocolate...make yourself a smoothie while waiting for the brownies to bake...enjoy

    1. I can't comment on this recipe and I love banana and chocolate combinations... like banana cake with chocolate icing... but I haven't found a chocolate/banana batter recipe that I really like yet. Also I find banana in a batter tends to make it cakey (have yet to find a good chewy banana cookie recipe either). So it's an experiment I'd try with my regular cocoa brownies but not with special chocolate.
      If you do make it please let us know how it turns out, and if you like a dense less cakey brownie I suggest putting the pan straight from the oven to the fridge or even freezer - people suggest the fridge for brownies and someone recently posted a banana cake recipe that goes straight in the freezer to good, dense effect.

      1. I found a banana brownie recipe on the Martha Stewart website that I've been meaning to try. What makes it different is that the banana is mixed into a cream cheese topping that's swirled through the brownies. Seems like a better idea than mixing banana in with the chocolate batter.