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Sep 19, 2005 10:29 AM

Transportable Hot Dinners

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My husband will be working second shift a few nights a week and I would like to bring him his dinner, nice and hot. Any suggestions for dinner main courses that will be able to make a 15 minute trip to his job without turning soggy or becoming overcooked? We try to watch carbs and I work full time during the day so a relatively quick/easy prep is appreciated. I can do partial preps a day in advance for more complicated preparations. Also, he has a microwave and toaster oven on site that could be used. TIA. I look forward to all of your suggestions!

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  1. Stews and soups are easy to make in advance and will stay piping hot in a thermos. The rubbermaid wide mouth ones are great. I am sure there are low carb recipes out there.

    Stir fries also travel well and a snap to cook up fresh if you have prepped the meat/veggies in advance. Again, easy to travel in a wide mouth thermos.

    He could easily assemble fajita/burritos using low carb wraps. You could pack the meat separately in a thermos to stay hot and then pack up small containers of cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, etc

    My husband loved crustless quiches when he was doing the whole low carb thing. These cook up quickly and there are so many great variations you could make. Wrapped tightly in foil they would stay hot but also would not be damged by a quick nuking.

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      Btw, for those with carb issues, there is no reason one could not use winter white wheat flour (available in many markets under the King Arthur label) instead of all purpose flour to make the crust. It's whole wheat, but made from a variety of wheat (white wheat rather than red wheat) with much less tannin (which is bitter) in its bran. You may need a bit more moisture in the crust recipe because it is whole grain, but it can really help solve that whole issue. Especially in savory recipes like quiche.