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Sep 18, 2005 02:05 PM

White eggplant?

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In my CSA box this week I received about seven white eggplants. These are oblong, and about 4-6" in length.

Does anyone know the best use for these? Not sure if I should be looking for a SE Asian recipe or a Mediterranean one. I'm torn between a Thai curry and an eggplant spread like babaganoush.

If anyone is familiar with this type of eggplant, I'd appreciate your input.

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  1. yespi use em all the time..use em just as you would any other kind of eggplant..i find them smoother, and sweeter to taste

    1. My SIL made some eggplant parm with white eggplant. As another poster said, the egglant was sweeter. Very good!!

      1. I made eggplant parmigiana with some last year, and they tasted, as my husband said, like root vegetables. They just weren't the same as purple ones, now I'm afraid to even buy the light purple type.
        It wasn't like eggplant at all, and I used the same recipe I've used for the last 30 years, nothing different. He would not allow me to serve it to his family for the holidays under any condition.

        1. Historically, the first eggplants to reach Europe were white. And small.

          Hence the name "egg"plant.


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            My daughter in Cairo Egypt- emailed to tell me her current fav meal is little white eggplant stuffed with rice- it is then fried a bit then baked. YUM.

          2. First, I say to slice off a raw piece and notice the flavor and texture.

            I bought and cooked w/ white eggplant for the first time recently. It was very tasty...sweeter flavor and very firm, meaty texture compared to other eggplants. Didn't seem to have much water content. I used it in ratatouille and caponata would lean towards Mediterranean preps as opposed to Asian ones. Think it would be great roasted and then pureed for a dip. Interestingly, the white skin turned a speckled brown once heat was applied...