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Sep 15, 2005 09:00 PM

How to cook frozen xiao long bao?

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I hit the local Chinese market and picked up a bag of frozen xiao long bao. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that there no cooking instructions included!

The logical method is to steam them on paper or, better yet, nappa leaves. But for how long?

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  1. I have purchased them at Shanghai in Oakland, CA. I was told 10 minutes. They come out great.

    1. Do not steam on paper, you will get much better on napa cabbage leaves. Ten minutes is right but they should still be frozen when you start the steam. Also the water should be at a rapid boil.

      1. Make sure the water is boiling before you start to count the minutes. 8-10 min. should be sufficient. Also, I would suggest steaming them on bed of iceberg lettuce and not napa leaves or paper.

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          Why is iceberg better than nappa for this? More moisture in the leaves?

          1. re: coastcat

            Iceberg is thinner than nappa and it is easier to flatten as well. You want to make a flat surface for steaming and with napa leaves it's harder. Also, you want less moisture in the leaves because if you have more moisture the wrapper skin will break during cooking.

            Good luck.

        2. I have had bad luck with frozen xlb's in that there are several in each bag that have little cracks in the bottom, which are sometimes not apparent to the naked eye. The first time I saw them bleeding in the steamer, I just about cried. No, I really did cry. Only thing you can do is try to capture lost broth by putting something underneath. I tried putting them in a bowl & in the micro once, and they didn't turn out all that great, but at least I didn't lose any juice.

          Other than that, same as the others have suggested. I use a bamboo steamer lined with big lettuce leaves, steam them from frozen, and I think mine run a little over 10mins.

          1. Why Steam???---> Take a kitchen towel, moisten, wrap around bao(s), microwave for approximately 30 sec (depends on size and quantity). DONE!

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              It's uncooked pork. I think you should cook thoroughly.