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Sep 15, 2005 05:24 PM

Ideas for Ground Chicken Needed...

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Foster Farm's ground chicken was on a half-priced promotion, so I bought some. I have never used ground chicken before. Does anyone have any recipe ideas to put it to it's best use?

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  1. Maybe maked stuffed peppers? Mix w/diced peppers, onions, maybe black beans and bake for a while, then throw on a delicious melty-cheese cap?

    1. Mix with ground beef/lamb/pork or veal for meat loaf.
      Make chicken chili, tacos or burritos
      Make chicken "bolognese"
      Make chicken meatballs using seasoned bread crumbs, lots of parmesian cheese, mozzerela and an egg binder

      I have found most all white meat ground chicken is very dry when cooked and is better served in wet dishes or mixed with other ground meat like those mentioned above.

      Ground chicken that is a mix of dark and white is a little moister but can also easily dry out. You can make chicken burgers but again they are better mixed with some moister things. I like making greek burgers by lightly mixing the ground chicken with feta cheese and mint and then cooking or med low heat heat until cooked thru and cheese starts to melt. You can also do the same using spinach and gorgonzola.

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        I've made ground chicken patties that stayed moist. I marinated the chicken in olive oil, garlic, and herbs for about four hours in the fridge. Then sort of squeezed out the excess oil, formed patties, and "grilled" on the George Foreman. The rest of the oil ran out while cooking, but the patties remained quite moist and tender--I cooked to just a touch of pink in the center and a nice brown crust. I screwed up the herbs, or something, and the flavor was not all that great. If I did it again I'd forego the herbs and mix in some chopped onion.

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          I never thought about marinating ground meat first, interesting! I would think the oil would keep the patties from holding there shape and would fall part but obviously they didn't for you. Thanks for the tip!

          I have had success making a "crust" but forming the patties then coating with worcestershire sauce and a heavy sprinkling of old bay on both sides. The old bay adheres to the wet meat and when seared forms a nice crust. They tasted great but not something I would eat often-too salty!

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            You're right, the patties had a tendency to crumble, but the top and bottom surfaces of the George Foreman held them together. If I ever do it again, I'll try bacon-wrapping the patties.

      2. Excellent substitute for ground pork in any Chinese recipe.

        Try "Lion's Head Meatball", wontons, all types of steamed/fried dumplings, ma po tofu, "Ants Climbing Trees", Szechuan string beans or any of the vegetable recipes that call for some ground pork.

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          Drunken Noodles

          1. I've always used it in lasagna, since a friend of mine doesn't eat red meat. I like to use it for meatballs as well. Either pan fried or just put in soup like dumplings.