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Sep 15, 2005 08:41 AM

a really good cookbook to cook my way through

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Repost form Not about food board: I am looking for a really good cookbook to cook my way through ala Julia & Julia style when she cooks her way through Julia Child. However, at the request of my SO I am looking for a cookbook with the emphasis on healthy, gourmet cooking- Meditarean (sp.), vegetarian maybe- any ideas- it should be fun creative recipes so this is fun and challenging for me TIA

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  1. I guess it depends on how long you have. My number one favorite cookbook is "New Joy of Cooking." Cooking your way through that is a little like trying to get through all of Disneyworld. . . it is huge! But I have never had a recipe in there not work and some of them are standby favorites now, particularly the Ceasar Salad.

    1. Julia Child "The Way to Cook" would be a great one but there is lots of meat, butter etc so I am sure at least 1/2 would not be what you would consider "healthy".

      My sister swears by any the Moosewood series by Mollie Katzen. I have had a number of delicious successes from her books but have never been inspired to cook my way thru eat since both me and my DH are avid carnivores!!

      You can check them out at Amazon or take a look at her website (linked below)


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        Definitely do *not* agree with the moosewood recs. Generally too bland and when ethnic, kinda watered down.

        I would recommend that before buying any books you see if you can check them out of your local library. I've avoided some real duds that way.


      2. Jacques P├ępin's "Fast Food My Way" is one that I'm enjoying with ongoing [stunning] successes.

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          This is a good choice. His dishes are very home cooking friendly, not vegetarian, come right together, good family style presentation, very tastey and very french home kitchen. I recommend it too. Enjoy.

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            I've requested his book for my b-day. I'm glad to hear that home cooks have found it useful. I'm a fan of his show, and have scribbled recipes everywhere. Thanks!

        2. "Biba's Taste of Italy : Recipes from the Homes, Trattorie and Restaurants of Emilia-Romagna" by Biba Caggiano is one I'm making my way through for great Italian eating - there's meat involved, but it's not excessive -- good, simple, authentic, lots of variety. I just saw there's used copies of the hardback on Amazon . . .

          I'm not so sure about Moosewood as another posted suggested for vegetarian -- it's soooo college dreary to me (as much as I love it, I haven't used it for over a decade.)

          "The Greens" restaurant cookbook (the first one is best IMHO) and "The Angelica Home Kitchen: Recipes and Rabble Rousings from an Organic Vegan Restaurant" by Leslie McEachern, because I love sea ceasar salad. I'm not the least bit interested in Vegan as a dietary discipline, but I like the food in this book.

          1. I would choose one of three cookbooks purchased in the last year. The Zuni book, which is packed with goodies; Paul Bertoli's Oliveto cookbook; or the Buchon cookbook.