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Sep 13, 2005 11:48 PM

pork loin uses

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I'm looking for easy recipes for the pork loin that's sitting in my freezer...something besides just roasting it in the oven. Maybe pork tacos? Ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. You could make vitello tonnato, but use pork instead. I often make it when I have left over pork tenderloin. I'd offer to post the recipe, but my puppy is consuming me! I use the Marcella recipe,but you could probably find one on epicure or the foodtv website.

    1. Pork schnitzel, pork piccata, sweet and sour pork.

      Cube it up as for shish-kabob and marinate briefly in Jerk paste, then grill. Before removing from the grill, baste it with a nice bbq sauce (like KC Masterpiece). Grilled pineapple is good with this.

      1. something like the chicken with figs recipe below, but with pork loin. pork is great baked with fresh figs . . .

        1. 1. Pot-roasting, if you have a heavy flameproof pot with a lid. Slice up a small onion, maybe a carrot, maybe some peeled garlic. Heat some butter and/or oil in the pot, turn and sear the meat on all sides, about ten minutes. Take the meat out, add a bit more butter if needed, and cook the vegetables until the onion is transparent. You can also grind in some pepper and add a pinch or two of dried herbs - thyme, rosemary, whatever you like. Return the meat to the pot, put the lid on, and cook on low heat (use a flame-tamer plate if you're cooking on gas) for an hour. Check the internal temp. - if it's under 160º give it some more time, checking every 15 minutes. Sometimes I turn the meat a time or two. The meat will give off a fair amount of liquid; I usually put this and the vegetables into the blender at the end and purée it, adding a bit of stock if it seems to need it, then serve this as sauce.

          2. Chops. Whenever I buy a whole bagged loin I cut it into two roasts, and cut perhaps eight 1" thick chops from the middle. Use these for any of the several other suggestions, or season, flour, and brown in butter, oil or bacon fat, and then cook slowly and covered until they're done, turning a couple of times. You can also add a little stock, wine, or beer.