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Sep 13, 2005 10:16 PM

what inventive things to do with corn?

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Well, we've been rolling in corn from our local farmer's market. At 50c apiece, some of the cheapest deliciousness out there. Before the season ends, I want to experiment with it. Does anyone have any great recipes/ideas for corn? And before anyone mentions it, I've already done carb lover's souffle (which was wonderful)and we are eating it by the bucketful grilled and boiled on the cob. Yes, it is marvellous just like that, but I would like to branch out a little.

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  1. Last year we came across the same problem... we grilled it and used it in our tacos and on top of pizza. Now we won't eat tacos any other way! I also made this fire roasted corn dip that we love!

    Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

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      I've been making the corn-chive pudding from Epicurious (below), with some variations:

      * The corn has been so sweet I leave out the sugar
      * I use the kernels from leftover steamed corn on the cob
      * I sub various fresh herbs (e.g., rosemary or basil) from my garden for the chives
      * I use a dash of vanilla extract instead of the bean

      This mixes together in seconds and is very tasty. It would be a good vegetarian main or brunch dish.

      Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

    2. Glad you liked the souffle. I was just telling some hounds today that I'm going to make a corn chowder infused w/ dried smokey chile. In the past, I've used a couple of guajillos (quickly toasted on the gas flame) for about 4 servings.

      I simmer the corn and chiles in some chicken broth til the corn is soft and the chile flavor is infused to my liking, about 30 min. I then remove the chiles. Puree w/ my immersion blender, or you can use food mill if you have one. I sometimes strain for a more elegant presentation, but for just me and husband I would just leave chunky. Season w/ S&P and a pinch of cumin. Enrich w/ heavy cream, if desired and reheat if necessary. Garnish w/ chopped cilantro. For a main course, I will add shrimp or shredded chicken.

      BTW, there's honestly a part of me that wants to make corn and caramel ice cream instead...

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        Oops, forgot to mention that I saute onion and garlic first in a little butter. Then add corn and saute w/ a little cumin before adding broth to simmer.

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        Professor Salt

        Sweet corn ice cream. Sorry but don't have a recipe. Just tried it in Mexico and loved it.

        1. One of my favorite ways to eat corn is super simple. Saute some chopped sweet onion in some butter until soft, then add in corn kernels. (I've used fresh and frozen for this, both work well). Saute over medium high heat until the corn begins to caramelize and gets nice golden brown marks. Season with salt and pepper and serve.

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            This is the initial step of a nice corn salad, as well. I usually add finely chopped but NOT minced red onion, cucmber, and roma tomatoes, maybe a little fresh parsley, and dress with olive oil and white vinegar.

          2. we make a grilled corn tomato salad every summer -- usually with grilled scallops so it's the main dish.

            Corn, red onions, and scallops from the grill, chunky fresh tomato, dressed with a little oil, lime juice, cilantro, sliced jalepenos, salt and pepper. Its good to let the tomato and dressing sit and meld while the corn is grilling.

            We also did it once with a little fish sauce/chile/sugar, vietnamese influence. Sometimes we throw in mixed baby greens lettuce.

            There was a corn/black bean/habanero/avocado cold salad recipe posted here by chilidude not too long ago