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Sep 13, 2005 05:02 PM

Advice on cooking for large group (50-75)

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We are cooking for a large church group this weekend of about 50-75 people (probably closer to 50). The main entrees are to be rosemary chicken, ham and vegetable lasagna. Does anyone have any advice on preparing large quantities of chicken and ham? What about purchasing the same (amounts and price?) What are good things to do ahead? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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  1. With that many people, I'll probably be heading over to Costco for the purchase. As for doing things ahead, it'll depend on when the event is (lunch or dinner), how much prep time you have before serving and where you would be doing the cooking (consider the the number of oven/stove and capacity). All the entrees you mentioned can be cooked ahead and then reheated.

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      Hi - a friend told me about, which allows you to search for recipes, and you can alter the # of persons served, and then it recalculates the amounts of the ingredients for your shopping list. I don't think it changes pan sizes/cooking times for larger quantities, but it might be helpful, anyway. Good luck!