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Sep 12, 2005 10:57 AM

Linda's lemon pot roast report

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I made Linda’s Mom’s lemon pot roast on Sunday and it was wonderful! Both my husband and 4 yo son raved. The 4 yo had 3 servings!

The lemon was a nice change and added brightness to the dish that is often missing with braised meats. I used a little more than the ¼ cup called for since my lemons were particularly juicy. The only other changes I made was to use fresh minced garlic instead of the powder and I added sliced mushrooms to the pot during the last ½ hour or so of cooking. I used wondra to make the gravy, even so it didn’t thicken as much as my husband would have liked but the flavor was wonderful. I think the mushrooms added a little something, making the gravy a little earthier. I served it with roasted baby potatoes and ginger glazed baby carrots. This is definitely a keeper!


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  1. I'm very glad you and your family liked it, and Mom will be as well. Hey - anything that gets a 4yo to eat three helpings.... :-)

    I almost always use more than 1/4 cup of lemon juice - sometimes up to 1/2 cup, depending on the size of the roast, but I didn't want to stray from Mom's original recipe. (Which, BTW, I think she cobbled together from several different recipes from an old Panhellenic (sorority) cookbook called "Meats" from 1969 or so.) I almost always add more ginger as well. And I love the idea of the ginger-glazed carrots as a side dish. Will have to remember that.

    And having posted the recipe for you, I noticed this weekend that the local Roche Bros. near me hac chuck roasts on sale this week, so I picked one up for the next cool weekend we have in New England.

    Again, I'm glad you liked it, and I'll pass along the news to Mom that a recipe of hers is "out there on the Internet." :-)

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      I am NE too. Will have to hit Roche bros this week or hope the Stop and Shop matches the price (they often do). Need to have a roast in the freezer for the next time!

      thanks again and best to your mom! ;)

      1. re: Linda W.

        There are pot roast recipes and then there are pot roast recipes, but this is "THE RECIPE". Thank you Linda and give your Mom a kiss for passing this along...

        1. re: Fog City Kid

          LOL! Thanks, I'll do that! She was tickled when I told her foodiex2's family had enjoyed it this weekend. So she'll enjoy the cyber-kiss thank you. :-)

        2. re: Linda W.

          Tried this tonight and it is a winner. Added just a touch of cinnamon, and added the mushrooms and a few sliced yellow waxy potatoes. Served with a arugula salad and garlic naan- YUMMY! Thanks for sharing.