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Sep 11, 2005 02:41 AM

can I make pizza on a barbeque?

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Well, does this work? Or does it just end up like toasted flatbread with melted cheese on the top? I'm cooking with your basic, charcoal burning three-legged barbeque, with a grille and a lid. If it is in fact feasible, I would like to do it from scratch - make my own dough, sauce, etc.

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I cannot give you technique help because I don't make them myself but my friends all do and love them! Use a pizza pan or a grill pan.

    1. You can grill pizza. The recipes I've seen did it directly on the grates to get the nice grill marks. There are some good recipes on the Cooks Illustrated website. There were also recipes in old Cuisine at Home magazines. Epicurious might have some too.

      1. I tried this for the first time this summer. It makes a pretty good pizza, but if you like your cheese to become melted and "roasted" it is not the right way to make your pizza.

        Another thing I recommend is to use your garnishes sparingly. If you pile them high, then the heat does not have time to permeate throught all the ingredients.

        According to me, it is a great way to make thin crusted pizzas with very flavourful toppings, like goat cheese/bleu/feta, sundried tomatoes, etc.

        1. I guess it depends on your talents and equipment. I've seen the "flatbread" results and I've seen some a little closer to the oven-baked ones.

          Some people close the lid for an oven effect and others just grill one side, flip, add toppings on the hot surface and grill until done.

          Some people use a pan, some add bricks to their bbq basin to retain more heat and cover to make an "oven."

          See an "oven" looking result by clicking "ENJOY" on the following link.

          And, here are many recipes from Food TV, a relatively reliable recipe source.

          Here's a site that swears by grilling.

          A Google search

          Pizza oven temperatures are anywhere from 500 to 750 degrees. Unlikely your grill will get that hot.

          Plus, the mere fact that you grill one side and flip before you add the toppings should give hint how results will vary from an oven baked pizza that isn't.

          That said, you may be quite pleased with your results and the bbq flavor. Some people like it better than a wood-fired pizza oven results. I don't, but some do.

          Go ahead and experiment. But, don't expect pizza oven results from a grill (though you'll probably get better results than a "flatbrad" with melted cheese.)

          1. I have not done a pizza on the BBQ, but Bobby Flay on the Food Network has done it a lot. If you do a serach on Food Network you should be a few good recipes.

            Good Luck. Please post your results so we can see if it is worth it.