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Sep 2, 2005 06:46 PM

reheating BBQ Brisket

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will have to reheat some BBQ brisket that is coming from Austin - it's fully cooked...what do you think is the best approach? Fully wrapped in foil?
Partially covered in foil? in a low oven - dry heat. Or maybe a bit of water in a pan at the bottom of the oven to provide a bit of moisture? Or something else yet?

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  1. I would re-think re-heating in the oven. Place the brisket in the top of a double boiler, cover and let it gently heat up. It will not dry out, will retain the moisture and the fat tucked into the brisket will be luscious.

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      I had considered that also but was wondering if a lot of moist heat would change the outside texture too much. Some people like the crusty, burnt bits. Although I like the idea of having a nice slow heat to revive it. I haven't seen the meat yet so I don't know how much fat is in this brisket ... their website shows a pretty lean finished product but even a lean cut would benefit from some moist heat. Thanks for your suggestions.

      1. re: Gordon Wing

        If it is lean, I would not subject it to the dry heat to warm it up.
        It might work nicely to warm it up using a double boiler and then pop it under a very hot broiler to restore the crispness.
        (I don't know how much of this brisket you're getting, but it sounds precious, so maybe only try with a few small pieces.)
        Good luck.

        1. re: DCarbonaro

          thank you to the collective for all your ideas.... the whole briskets were wrapped in parchment and aluminum foil and heated in a chafing dish for about 2.5 hours. great results...warmed through, moist, the fat meltingly tender. by the way, the brisket was from Ruby's in Austin. the sauce was very good - spicy and vinegary - a great complement....lots of flavor - not too much heat.

        2. re: Gordon Wing

          Don't worry about the crispy bits: they've gotten to the point where a long enough steaming might destroy the molecular bonds, but that'd be a lot longer than it will take you to reheat this stuff. What it will do is to make it a little easier on the bite, but still with that nice crunchy character.

          I would wrap it in foil with a little water and put it into a medium-hot oven (in a pan, I'd say) for half an hour, then let it sit for a while before I unwrapped it. Dry heat and microwaving would both make the hard parts tough, which you don't want.

        3. re: DCarbonaro

          Oil brown paper bag. Put brisket inside, then staple bag to seal. Place bag on a rack on top of a deep baking pan. Add hot or boiling water in pan. Place in oven at 325 - 350F for 20 minutes. Brisket will warm up while retaining moisture.

        4. I was going thru post topics and noticed this one for a whole smoked BBQ Brisket. The only way I would do it is to wrap the thawed brisket in foil and place in preheated oven fat cap up at 350° and heat until thermometer reaches 150° at thickest point. The fat cap (the dark brown or black crust also known as bark will baste itself). At 150° uncover and continue to cook to 160° remove from oven and let rest 10 -15 minutes and slice. Your guest won’t know the difference.