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Feb 18, 2004 07:15 PM

Labor inducing foods at local restaurants?

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We're expecting our first baby in a few weeks and I keep hearing about how first babies are always late. I know there is a salad at a restaurant in LA that claims to induce labor within 12 hours. In the interest of being prepared, has anyone heard of anything like that in the Bay Area? I'm highly skeptical of such claims, but am willing to try if I can get a good meal out of it anyway. I thought I had heard about some pizza somewhere in the East Bay... I'll be sure to post back if I end up trying anything. Thanks very much.

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  1. Here's a link to the thread - good luck!


    1. Isn't Domino's slogan "We Deliver?"

      1. When I was 9 months pregnant, I went to Taste of New Orleans in San Jose. The Cajun woman behind the counter told me if I didn't deliver soon, to come back and she would make me something to help me along. Turns out I didn't need it... but it's a possibility!