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Sep 2, 2005 12:51 AM

Mango Pitter

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The Wednesday New York Times featured an Oxo device that de-pitted mangoes, not dissimilar from contraptions that separate the core of an apple.

Has anyone used it? Any feedback?

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  1. I LOVE my mango pitter. No more wasted mangos in my house! What I don't like is the price tag. At $12.99 (+ tax) it is a little steep for what it is, which is a fancy apple corer.

    What I love about it is the efficiency. No more waste. It slices the pit cleanly and you are left with two perfect halves. When I bought mine, it was suggested not to use small mangos.

    If you love mangos, it is a great tool! and the little sucker is sharp!!

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      It is the perfect works well with almost no waste at all...I am happy with this purchase.

    2. Someone told me it did leave a fair amount of waste. I don't see why anyone would want one. My husband who isn't too handy with kitchen knives uses our old bread knife which does the job perfectly well.

      1. I bought the OXO version on Amazon this summer and still have mixed feelings about it. As one post reflects, small mangoes won't work but I have also found that mangoes come in many shapes; not just sizes. If the mango is a bit off balance in an upright position on your counter, it can result in a lousy slice and be careful I've cut the side of my hand twice using it.

        Then I saw how Bobby Flay (who's probably cleaned a million mangoes) slices a mango using a filet knife and I've decided to go that direction. Nothing like a visual demonstration!