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Sep 1, 2005 09:53 AM

help with pomegranate molasses

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had a salad dressing recipe that called for pomegranate molasses. this is not an easy ingredient to find in my area (recipe text suggested middle-eastern grocers (don't exist in my area) or health-food stores (i checked our local "green" grocers, but couldn't find it)).

i wound up just buying pomegranate juice, and reducing it to a molasses-like consistency (reduced 1/2C to 1/8C). the dressing was very good (i can post the recipe if anyone's interested), and the "molasses" i made was so tasty the extra was eaten as a glaze over vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

my question is: was what i made close to true pomegranate molasses? if not, am i missing something i should search out? any ideas where to get it?

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    It sounds pretty close to me, although the pom molasses I use is more on the tart side rather than sweet. Pomegranates are a big deal now since their health benefits have been touted and I recently saw at our local coop (natural foods) that they are selling a pomegranate concentrate made by one of the big natural juice companies. I can't remember which one, but maybe you can find it in your area. You can get it online too.

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      damn... i was in a hurry and just blanked on the coops. i'll give them a look.

    2. I think you were very close to pom molasses with your reduction. But as for where to get it, if you have a Whole Foods around you, they might have it. Otherwise, check the Amazon link (via Chowhound) for several options in their gourmet section.

      Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ext...

      1. Besides Middle Eastern grocers, I have seen it in international markets, and Indian and Paki grocers.

        1. What you made was probably better than most commercial brands of pomegranate molasses, and truer to the original spirit.