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Aug 31, 2005 12:21 PM

Best Tea Kettle

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Since the CH moderators asked for this to be moved, I'll jump the gun and post my answer. :)

My personal choice for best tea kettle is the Simplex copper (coil-bottomed). It's 1-3/4 quart capacity holds enough water to make a pot of tea and several individual portions. The raised body (coils) allows it to heat water more quickly than traditional kettles. The copper is /striking/ to look at and not too difficult to clean when it gets spattered. Most importantly, the handle doesn't get HOT after the water heats!


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  1. I'm hooked on the Zojirushi "electric dispensing pot." On demand hot water at three temps, small counter-top footprint,timer, nicely made. Very un-kettle.

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      Hot water pots are convenient, but the only problem, I don't like my water boiled and re-boiled all day long.

    2. Hmmm - my handle does get hot after heating - M

      1. I also have a Simplex kettle. Without the coils. I've had it for years & mine is messy and stained and still quite lovely! I find it impossible to return to its virginal coppery state, but it does the trick, has a pleasant whistle.

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          1. I've got a Le Creuset tea kettle that I've had for years that I love. At one point it got dinged and they sent me a free replacement - the Flame color is cheerful in the morning. I alternate between using that and an electric no-name kettle from Walmart that actually works quite well.