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Has anyone ordered spices from PENZEY'S?
Their catalog looks very tempting.
How is the quality compared with places like SAHADI and KALYSTAN?
How about their blends like Fajita, Taco etc?

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  1. I order most of my spices from Penzey's. Sorry, I haven't ordered from the other places you mention, so I can't compare. I have ordered single spices and several different blends from them, as well as the soup bases, and have like them all.

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      "favorite" penzy's spices were discussed earlier this month.


      I also can't compare quality to the places you mentioned, but I've always been pleased with my penzey's purchases. good quality, fresh, excellent.

      1. I order from Penzey's regularly. Their spices are exemplary.

        1. I buy at the Penzy's store on the north side of Indianapolis. I order from Penderys in Ft. Worth, TX. Especially their ground chiles, for that Pendery's cannot be beat.

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            1. I've ordered spices from Penzey's and have been very satisfied with the prices & the quality. I just used their powdered mustard and whole seed to make a sweet German style honey mustard that is different and delicious.
              Their vanilla sugar, though, is very pricey. I make it all the time with an old bean and just keep adding sugar when the stock gets low. Their beans and vanilla seem expensive, too; but maybe I'm just behind the times. Whenever I drive by an Indian grocery, I brake for spices.


              1. Penzey's has exceptional quality on all of their products. My family has ordered from them for about the last two to three years. As for the spices you mentioned, I have not tried them. By the way, their Vietnamese cinnamon is absoulutely wonderful. Happy cooking!

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                  We shop at their retail store in Overland Park. What a wonderful experience! The shop smells wonderful and they have the greatest selection of fresh spices.