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Aug 29, 2005 10:00 PM

What was I thinking--Tomatoes & Aluminum!

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Well it was time to harvest and roast some tomatoes from the garden (about 15 lbs of yellow Hazel Mae's, & 15 lbs of misc. red ones).

It didn't occur to me until *after* I roasted the tomatoes (and the pan was two-toned!) that the pans I had roasted them in were made out of aluminum!

Of course I know that acidic things should never cook in aluminum. But I inadvertantly roasted my tomatoes in half-sheet baking pans!

They did not taste odd to me (wishful thinking?). Did I ruin 30 lbs of garden tomatoes (now food-mill processed and in the freezer) or will these taste okay after defrosting?

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  1. Years ago I lined a baking sheet with aluminum foil prior to roasting my tomatoes. The tomatoes tasted fine (no "tinny" taste). Is foil *less* reactive than an aluminum baking sheet (the kind they sell at Costo), or do they react equally with tomatoes?

    1. I did a batch last night using aluminum sheet pans. I had them lined with parchment paper but tomato juice was certainly running onto the aluminum. (do save this it is quite tasty) I ate a bunch today and did not notice any off flavors.

      1. Been there, done that.

        Used a. foil on top of a stew that I braised for 5 hours. A. Foil significantly dissolved (think Saints stadium roof). Taste was not affected (yup, I ate it).

        As to the effect of eating aluminum, no scientific evidence. What that means is "maybe." You are on your own. Most studies are funded because the results might discover a profitable opportunity. There is no profit potential to proving aluminum safe or not.

        But your original question was about taste. And my one experience is that you can't taste it. Yellow tomatoes are significantly more delicate than beef stew, so I don't know.

        1. Did this myself this past weekend. No ill effects...