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Aug 29, 2005 05:10 PM

sharing a recent success: semi dried pineapple

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After significant other declared a sudden love of semi-dried tomatoes (hmm.. doesn't like fresh, doesn't like dried, but semi apparently does the trick...) I tried making some at home. I also had a glut of pineapples, so I sliced some thinly and put them in with the tomatoes (making sure the juices didn't mix). It was a low oven for I don't know how long. I sprayed the pan with a bit of oil to prevent sticking. I didn't add anything, but they were sweet, slightly chewy but still juicy. Took the edge off the acidity as well. Great snack, and I would suspect would make a good garnish for some posh dessert. I'm warning you, now, though: these are HIGHLY addictive. Was tempted to dip in dark chocolate (actually I think they'd take better to a light drizzle), but I couldn't stop myself from eating them before I could get the chocolate. I couldn't tell you how to store them because we didn't quite get that far.

I'd be interested in hearing about anyone else's forays into semi-dried fruits, and particularly how you stored them (and for how long). Perhaps the poster with the glut of plums may want to experiment? (although full drying is probably best in their case...)

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  1. No experience, just something I read: MFK Fisher talked about peeling (and removing membranes of?) oranges and leaving them on the radiator all afternoon. She, like you, did not store them.

    But my suggestion for a storage experiment is ascorbic acid powder and refridgeration.

    1. What a coincidence! Just tonight I accidentally made semi-dried pears. I was following a pear butter recipe that called for briefly roasting the halved pears and then scooping them out of their skins and pureeing them. But I left them in too long, they got dried out on top and were hard to scoop, but really delicious as is. I've got them in the refrigerator but I don't think they'll last long enough to spoil!