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Aug 29, 2005 03:29 PM

Home Fries ...Help!

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As many times as I haver tried, I've never been satisfied
with Home Fries (or what some call breakfast potatoes) that I've made at home. I am talking about savory ones, maybe a little onion, green pepper and paprika. Does anyone have a recipe that they have had success with?

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  1. I usually use left over baked potatoes which i roughly chop/break up.

    I start by rendering a slice or two of bacon in a heavy skillet. When the bacon is cooked i add chopped onions and cook for a few minutes. To this i then add green or red pepper and conitnue to cook a few more minutes. i then add the potatoes to this mixture along with the spices i am using(usually paprika, a dash of cayenne, black pepper, and salt; occaisionally if the mood strikes i up the onion flavour by using onion powder or maybe some garlic powder. Basically you let this cook undisturbed until the bottom of the potatoes are browned and crispy. When this happens you need to flip em and cook to the desired doneness on the other side. If the mixture gets too dry yu can add butter to it. To finish i mix in the cooked chopped bacon.

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      I use pretty much the same method--xcept I'm a meatlover, so I usually add in corn beef or sausages or ham...anything really to make it heartier.

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        I basically agree with this and another respondent about the need to use cooked potatoes, but I don't care for the flavor of reheated baked potatoes - I always use boiled ones. If I'm going to make a batch, I like to use the very thin-skinned small white potatoes. The night before I want them I scrub and quarter them (more or less - the pieces should be about the same size) and put them in a fairly big pot of cold water. Bring that to a boil, add a good bit of salt, then cook at a brisk boil for about ten minutes, or until almost cooked through. Drain, put back in the pot and shake over heat to dry them, then put into a bowl to cool a bit before refrigerating overnight. You can also oil or butter them and season them before refrigerating.

        I don't usually use bacon, though I love it - we're just too damn fat - but I mostly otherwise follow MV's directions, using canola oil. The only real difference is that my wife hates sweet peppers, but loves hot ones, so I often use the small thin-skinned pale yellow-green guys, seeding them and cutting into fine slivers. Two of those will seriously heat up a big bowl of potatoes!

        1. re: Will Owen

          I prefer them done this way too, although I usually don't get around to cooking the potatoes until the morning. I'm not quite that organized. In addition to the hot peppers, I like to fry up some vidalia onion too and serve with a side of hot sauce. Nothing low-carb about this dish!

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            The bacon fat is key to the dish in my opinion. I try not to eat it that often so its an occasional treat. I usually have the dish when i have leftover baked potatoes but i think i will try the boiled route next time. Thanks for the tip.

            Of and the potatoes are the best when you put a over easy egg on top and let the yoke drip in. But i suppose you can put an over easy egg on anything and it will taste better.

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              Hee hee hee...I do that all the time, even out in public. Creeps my wife out, but after almost 30 years she's resigned. Then I was at my favorite coffee shop a month or so ago and got OE eggs and grits, and proceeded to butter and season the grits and then drape the eggs over and chop'em up, and the mama-hen waitress who'd been fussing over me rared back and gave me the same look Tania used to. I just grinned...

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                I like to top my burgers with OE eggs as well. Or if im having salmon patties its good too. Ive also had pizza with an egg in the middle and the yolk drips all oveer the pie. Very good.

        2. the secret to good homefries is to use previously baked russett potatoes. Starting with raw potatoes just won't give you the same flavor. Just cut up the baked potato and saute it with onions and butter and salt until brown and crispy. YUM!