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Aug 29, 2005 03:13 PM

BLT in Sacramento

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There was a thread on this recently and it got me going for a good BLT. The earlier post said the heirloom tomatoes were running down. I don't know where that is but here in Sacramento we are rockin' with heirloom tomatoes. So anyway I was comming home yesterday thinking 'bout lunch today. I got some tomatoes and some good bacon. Here's how I make 'em in Sacramento.

2 slices quality toasted white bread
3 slices good bacon
1 real good heirloom tomatoe
Some lettuce (I use mixed but I don't mind iceburg, romane or butter, any of those are ok.)
Some butter
Some Mayo
Some Russian dressing

I mean I draw pictures of how to make this sandwitch just so I get it right!

1st. slice of Toasted Bread: w/butter, mayo, russian dressing.
Thin sliced tomatoe. I slice them thin and get as much on as I can. (with some salt)
Plenty of bacon (not drained, but I don't pour grease on either. Timing the bread and bacon it critical.)
Add the lettuce with pepper
2nd. slice of Toasted bread: w/ butter and mayo
Add some more pepper in there somewhere.

Close it up and eat with potatoe salad, beer or wine.

Works for me.

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  1. Make that four slices of thick cut quality bacon, hold the butter, and next time the Mrs. and I are in Sacramento I'll be over to your house for lunch. I'll pick up the brewskies.


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    1. re: Chino Wayne

      I know, it seems weird, but a BLT is the only food item I can think of for which I actually prefer thin-sliced mass-market bacon. I'll tell you why, too: I HATE to take a bite of any inherently messy sandwich and have an un-incised piece of toughish meat drag the guts out and drop them into my lap, and having had exactly that happen with both Mayo (Tennessee) and Niman Ranch (California) bacon, both excellent dry-cured products, I will henceforth stuff my BLT with thin, fragile slivers of Oscar Mayer's finest.

      I will continue to take my chances with unpeeled tomatoes, however.