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Aug 21, 2005 02:24 PM

my tomato sauce is too tarty!!!

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Last night I tried making some tomato sauce based on my memory of reading several different recipes (including those found here!) It turned out really well, except it is extremely tart. I know some recipes say to add sugar, but I'm diabetic so although I added a tablespoon of sugar, but it didn't really help much.

Is there something else I can do to improve it? what would splenda do to my tomato sauce?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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  1. What kind of tomatoes did you use? And I always add carrots to sweeten, rather than sugar, personally I would NOT add Splenda at all.

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      Carrots would raise the glycemic index of the sauce, something that Zaheen is trying to avoid. People watching their sugar intake generally are pretty sparing with carrots.

    2. I just added splenda to my pea soup - sometimes I add splenda if I want to sweeten after cooking, because you cannot heat it, so if you use it, do not boil the finished product - heat it just TO boiling as if it was a cup of tea. It works fine.
      Also, grated carrots make it sweeter & could be added at the same time as the onions, garlic and olive oil - at the start.

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        Splenda can be heated with no problem, it is Nutrasweet or aspartame that loses it's sweetness when heated.

        If you are going to try the Splenda, be careful, you can get it way too sweet real quickly.

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          My tomato sauce is too sweet, how can minimize the sweetness.

      2. If it is too acidic, add just a pinch (at a time) of baking soda to achieve desired flavor.

        1. Wow

          thanks to all of you, I didn't expect so many replies, especially on a Sunday..Guess you are all as addicted to this site as i am (And super kind as well)....:D

          I'll reply with the results. Thanks again for replying :)


          1. Did you cook it for several hours? This may help sweeten it.

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              That's exactly what I was going to suggest - simmering for several hours is the trick to a great sauce, IMO. Just be careful to keep it at a low heat, and stir frequently to avoid scorching.

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                no..I was realllly impatient..please don't judge me on my bad tomato sauce making skills, but i used a can of diced tomatos and a can of crushed tomatos. I first heated some olive oil, and when it was hot I added some garlic. Before that started to burn I put in both cans and added fresh parsley and dried oregano. I also added some black pepper, crushed italian chilies and salt.

                Reading some more recipes I realized that I let my sauce boil and that is not good, but when I tasted it, it seemed fine except for the tartness, so I added a tablespoon of sugar.

                I really didn't know if splenda would completely ruin it and really didn't want to add anymore sugar or carrots as Candy mentioned, so I just added my pasta and chicken and let it meld together. It does taste good, with the exception of the tartness, but I definitely know better for next time.

                Again, thanks for all the thoughtful tomato sauce experts for your responses!!!


                1. re: Zaheen

                  Slow-sauteeing some onions first (til they are soft and golden) before adding the tomatoes would definitely help with the sweetness. Also, don't use an aluminum pot for cooking--this can make acidic things like tomatoes taste extra-tart.