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Aug 19, 2005 05:01 PM

MSP frozen tart cherries/maraschino liqueur

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Das Ubergeek suggested that I try this board, and I figure, why not, I got nothing else to do while the machine renders.
Looking for frozen tart cherries (not dark/sweet) in MSP. They used to be very common in the frozen foods section, now they ain't.
Also, a liquor store that carries Maraschino liqueur.
Anybody got a lead?


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  1. Can't help with the cherries, but Bevmo carries the liqueur.

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    1. re: LT from LF

      Er, I meant for recipes for maraschino cherries on this board... MSP "where to get" questions on the Midwest board. Sorry for the confusion...

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Greetings-- I'm involved in a quest to get maraschino liqueur, specifically Luxardo brand, into MSP liquor stores! I read your post moments after bugging Haskell's about it, in fact. I tracked down the importer (Preiss, in CA), and from there got the local distributor (Bellboy), and now am prodding Haskell's and Surdyk's to order it. Would you care to join me? Give them both a call, and tell them you're another customer who wants Luxardo Maraschino!

        And BTW-- I'd try the local co-ops for froaen sour cherries. Also, Bill's Imported Foods on Lake Street.

      2. re: LT from LF

        LT from LF- thanks for the tip
        Das Ubergeek -no worries