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Aug 17, 2005 09:46 AM

Salad Nicoise- kind of tuna?

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There's a great recipe posted below by doctor_mama for Salad Nicoise, where she recommends using canned Italian tuna. Any particular brand anyone would think would be best?

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  1. I know there are some very fancy canned or jarred Italian tunas out there, but I just always go for what I can find in my local supermarket, and that's Progresso. The most important thing is that, whatever tuna you choose, it be packed in olive oil, not vegetable oil or water. It's crucial to the flavor.

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      Also that it is not the white type. It does not have enough flavor.

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        Nothing fancy about Genova. Our local grocery carries it. It is cheaper at the local Italian produce store and TJ's however.

      2. Though it's not Italian, As Do Mar is a terrific brand.

        1. I use Genova Tonno.

          1. Just as good as Italian tunas are Spanish ones, especially Flott. Olive oil packed for either is the way to go tastewise in my opinion (world of difference between the oil and water packed)

            1. I use As Do Mar as well, I think it's from Portugal. It's verrrry pricy, though. I've made it with all different types of canned tuna, from Starkist to Italian to Spanish to Portugese. The best salad, I find, however, is made with tuna I cook myself. It's not very difficult and tastes deelish.

              I put the kitchen sink into Salade Nicoise - potatoes, tuna, green beans, arugula, hard-cooked eggs, basil, tomatoes, cukes. Sometimes I put some stalish, toasted bread on the bottom of the serving dish and pile salad on then get a sort of panzanella (sp?) when it soaks up some of the salad dressing juices.