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Aug 17, 2005 08:58 AM

jumbo king crab legs...

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My husband loves to get crab legs when we go out and I just saw a local store is selling them for 7.99lb so I would like to make them for him. Would I just boil them? How long?? This is one of those things that I never attempt to make at home!! Thanks!

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  1. Where are they selling it for that price?? I might have to get some for my husband. That's his favorite.

    I am pretty sure most king crab is sold precooked and frozen. I think you only have to thaw and eat. But you may want to get a second opinion on that as I don't eat the stuff myself. Hy husband, being the impatient person that he is, just throws them in the microwave to thaw them and eats them on the spot with melted butter.

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      they are that price at Stew Leonard's in Connecticut...

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        I know where I am stopping on my way home tonight! Thanks!

        1. re: EAF

          DON'T STOP THERE TONIGHT, THE SALE STARTS TOMORROW!!! I get their flyer via e-mail!! They also have their porterhouse steaks on sale for $4.99lb...enjoy some surf and turf!!

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            I thought their sales were from Thursday to Wednesday but I just checked the website and the sale is from 8/17-8/ mistake, enjoy them tonight!!

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              Thank you very much ctmom!

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        I steam them as well-- as recommended by the store where I buy them. The store said they are precooked so a quick heating by steaming is all that's needed. You might want to double check when you buy them. My one tip is to serve them with a pair of kitchen shears. I found that the scissors make it so much easier to eat them, especially in the privacy of my home.

      2. i sprinkle them with alot of old bay seasoning and steam them in beer. yummy yummy

        1. That's a great price. I started cooking them myself at home when they got to be so crazy expensive to eat out. They are the easiest thing to cook---just steam them like all the other posters have said. Don't overcook them, they are pre-cooked. Easy to open, use a kitchen shears or even just a fork. We keep them in a warm covered dish so they don't get cold as you open and eat. A really nice treat and almost a no cook meal!

          1. I drop them in boiling water that has been turned off and let them sit a few minutes. This gets rid of the excess salt that steaming doesn't and still leaves them tender.

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              I like that idea, since they can be very long do they sit in the water, like 5 min?

              Also I do remember some chef saying they would wrap the legs in damp paper towels and microwave them to heat them up.

              1. re: Aimee

                Yup just 3-5 minutes... sometimes I add sugar to the water as well.