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Aug 16, 2005 01:01 PM

Margarita Mix from Scratch recipes

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Does anyone have any pointers on how to make margarita mix from scratch? Thanks.

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  1. A Margarita is really just lots of fresh lime juice tequila, cointreau and either sugar, simple syrup or roses lime juice to sweeten. so I guess you could make a "mix" by basically making limeade with the limes and the sweetener of your choice to keep in the fridge. You could then add the tequila and cointreau whenever you wanted to make a drink.....

    1. the one from cook's a few years back is wonderful.

      i'll check the proportions tonite and edit as necessary, but i believe this is pretty close:

      1/2 C fresh lime juice
      1/2 C fresh lemon juice
      2 T each lime & lemon zest
      1/2 C super fine sugar
      pinch of salt

      zest fruit. juice fruit. stir zest, sugar and salt into juice (in non-reactive container) until sugar is dissolved. refrigerate & let it steep for 4 to 24 hours (i usually let it go 6 to 12 hrs). strain out zest.

      mix with 1 C reposada tequila (sauza is good, available & not too pricey) & 1 C triple sec.

      serve over crushed ice.

      sounds like a lot of alcohol, but these suckers are smooth.

      once made the mistake of making a double batch which my wife and i consumed in one evening. man was that a bad hangover.

      again, i'll post back later if the proportions aren't right.

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      1. re: mark

        I agree with Mark. This is one great recipe. I've made it a number of times when I wanted to impress someone or just have a good Margarita. I think his recipe is about right too. I remember the zest being a great addition. Enjoy.

        1. re: mark

          I use a similar approach. I boil a simple syrup (I use about 1 part water to 1 part sugar) with a bunch of lime zest, then strain. The lime syrup will keep in the fridge for weeks. When it's time to make a margarita, I mix some of the syrup with fresh lime juice and tequila. It's usually about 1 part syrup, 1 part lime juice, and 1 part tequila, but I always taste and vary the mix until I like it. No triple sec, cointreu, grand marinier, etc. for me.
          Just tequila.

          1. re: mark

            i was a little off on the first post.

            1/2 C fresh lime juice & 4 t zest
            1/2 C fresh lemon juice & 4 t zest
            1/4 C superfine sugar
            pinch salt

            zest & juice fruit. combine w/sugar & salt in nonreactive container until sugar is dissolved. steep for 4-24 hrs. strain out zest.

            miz w/ 1 C reposada tequila & 1 C triple sec.

            serve over crushed ice.

            1. re: mark

              We use this recipe too. For something just a bit different, my husband subed o.j. for the lemon juice one day and we really like it better that way now.

              1. re: mark

                Wow, thank you. This DOES sound great. One thing... Does "T" mean tablespoon?

                1. re: Frank

                  big "T" = tablespoon
                  little "t" = teaspoon

                  hope you enjoy it, it's my favorite margarita.

                  one additional point - i usually start with half the called for triple sec, then add more if needed. steeping time and in/out of season fruit affect the flavor.

                  let us know if you like it.

                  1. re: mark

                    Right on, thank you.

                    One other question from the amateur here.

                    I just bought this new bad-ass blender (The Blend-tec) like the ones Starbucks uses. While I prefer my margs on the rocks, would I use the same measurements for blended margs?

                    Thank you in advance.

                    1. re: Frank

                      can't answer that one. since these are so nice and smooth on the rocks, i've never experimented past that other than playing with the triple sec proportion.

                      i find that the flavor profile is subdued in frozen drinks. when i do frozen, i usually use frozen limeade concentrate and a cheaper blanco tequila. if i were to try this recipe frozen, my biggest concern would be the large percentage of alcohol melting the ice quickly (i think frozen drinks are usually weaker than on the rocks). i'd probably refrigerate the liquors to avoid this.

                      sorry i can't help you out on that one.

                2. re: mark

                  Hey there! That is a great recepie. I just wanted to add in a few creative things you can do if you want to switch things up a little bit. There are a few things you can add before the steeping process. Some of our favorites are:
                  1. Fresh Mint Leaves
                  2. Sliced Cucumbers
                  3. Jalapenos- delicious. refreshing with a little bit of a bite!
                  4. Freshly grated Ginger

                  Just thought I'd share, if anyone is up for something new! We've hosted a barbeque/ Margarita party and did pitchers of each of the varieties listed above. Everyone LOVED it. :)

              2. I've found it easier to remember 3:2:1. Three parts tequila, two parts orange liqueur, one part lime juice. Mix with ice in blender. Taste. if necessary add sweetener because all limes don't have same acidity.
                If feeling very generous try making Margarita with premium tequila like Don Julio.

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                1. re: Tom

                  Thanks for breaking it down! Lets the bartender drink and mix more...
                  I go with 2:1:1 myself, plus simple syrup or sugar if needed

                  You can mash up the lime with granulated sugar to get the zest flavor...which works you towards a caipirinha...

                  1. re: pitu

                    Yum! I just made my own mix and made a delicious 2-1-1 margarita with two parts lime-flavored sparkling water. A pleasant buzz, but I remain sort of productive in my Sunday morning chores. Thanks, y'all!

                    1. re: Nichele

                      I agree 2-1-1 is the best ratio for tequila, lime juice and cointreau. Instead of sugar or simple sugar I use clear agave nectar. Also use blanco or silver tequila

                      1. re: DiningDiva

                        Agave nectar's great, but I kept mine sugar free and used triple sec, since that's what's handy. Mine doesn't need the sugar because of the added sparkling water, but on the rocks the sweetener would be perfect.