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Aug 15, 2005 09:58 AM

reheating baked ziti

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sorry for the stupid question, but i'm clueless- i am a college student who was sent back to my school with a frozen baked ziti (in a 9X9 pan). how long & at what temp to bake? let it thaw?
thanks guys

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  1. You can either reheat from the frozen or thawed state. From frozen will take much longer however. Your best bet is to take out of the freezer at least 24 hours in advance from when you want to reheat. Let it defrost in the fridge.

    Either way here is what you do!

    Preheat oven to 350, cover pan tightly with foil. It will be ready to eat when the sauce is bubbling to the surface, about 30-40 minutes if completely thawed, 45-50 if partially thawed and and hour plus if frozen. If it is not browned enough on top remove foil and let it cook for a little longer or put it under the broiler for a few minutes.

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      NOTE: if this ziti is in a Pyrex (glass) 9X9 dish, be v-e-r-y careful if you put it under the broiler. The glass may break at temperatures over 425 degrees.

      Don't tell anyone that I suggested this, but if the ziti is in a glass dish, you can also nuke it. It'll take at least five minutes on full power. No nuking for metal.

      Another thought, if a 9X9 serving is too large for you, you can divide this as it thaws. Put the softer outside edges in a baking dish and cook as directed. Freeze the rest, either in a smaller container OR in a freezer plastic bag.

    2. If it is frozen solid, it will take days to defrost in the fridge. If you want to eat it right away, leave it on the counter for several hours then reheat in a preheated 325 degree oven for about 40 minutes, or until cooked through and bubbly.

      1. Defrost the pan in the fridge overnight.
        1/2 hour before you want to eat, pre-heat the oven to 350. When your oven is up to temp, cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil, bake 20 minutes and check the center to see if the cheese is melted.