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Aug 13, 2005 04:25 PM

need help planning Cajun menu!

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Plus it has to be made in advance and delivered to a friend who just had a baby. She's not nursing and they love Cajun food. I'm a pretty good cook and can make a great brown roux based gumbo but I don't know much about this type of food.
I know I want to make a sweet potato pie for dessert because it has some health benefits (as opposed to, say. bread pudding) (although a savory bread pudding might be a good side or app).
I want to make an app and a main course with appropriate sides, plus dessert.
I was thinking of crab and corn soup(cream based), then chicken thighs smothered in an andouille gravy based on that dark roux...somehow, though, I feel this would just be altogether too much sauce when you consider the soup. Plus I don't really want to bring plain rice as a side but I think that's what would go well with smothered chix.
I need serious tweaking or maybe just a new menu. TIA.
I don't need recipies, probably, just descriptions (I was a line cook then a chef for 10 yrs so most stuff I can figure out/ I'm just in a creative dry spot right now).

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  1. Red beans & rice instead of plain rice.

    Instead of a savory bread pudding you could do a crawfish pie, but might be pie-overload with the sweet potato.

    Instead of doing a soup, use something else as an app (ie. lousiana crabcake) and then go for a gumbo or etouffee for the main, so things aren't too saucy. Or if you really want the soup and something non-saucy you could do a cajun catfish, barbecue shrimp, etc.

    There are a *ton* of cajun recipes at the link below. I can't vouch for the recipes, but I'm sure you can tweak as needed and maybe look up other recipes from different sources to get a better idea.


    1. I did a Cajun menu for my dining group this spring. I had just returned from Breaux Bridge where I had a fantastic lunch at Cafe des Amis, you might want to check out their website their menu both cajun adn regular is there. for my dinner we had barbecued shrimp, I used a Paul Prudhomme recipe, then from the des Amis restaurant and recipes recreated the crawfish cornbread topped with shrimp etouffe sauce and a pan fried fish fillet. We had a small side of maques choux. We had a light green salad and I can't remember at the moment what we had for dessert. At the cafe they served both the maques choux and a small serving of potato salad. You might want to check and

      Good luck with the dinner. I think I am making myself hungry, Hmmmm frozrn crawfish in the freezer and tasso in there too. Maybe tomorrow!

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        You guys are KILLING me...I saw Charlie Trotter make some kind of shrimp(?) cornbread on PBS maybe 2 weeks ago...jeez, I just about fell out of my chair...I don't think it was crawfish cornbread but man, oh, man didn't it look tremendous....last time I visited NO (2004) to see my brother, who lives in Mandeville, someone was talking about a restaurant that serves crawfish cheesecake for an appetizer .....too much, too much!

        1. re: Val

          You can get the crawfish cornbread recipe at

          It uses a lb. of chopped crawfish and I imagine you could use the same amount of chopped shrimp. It is dense with creamed corn added and cheese and jalapenos. The really great thing was the topping of shrimp etouffee sauce, it would be plenty without the pan fried fish fillet.

          1. re: Candy

            Just to add a visual, what you are seeing is BBQ Shrimp-the dark plate, the crawfish cornbread etc, on the left and crawfish pie made from 2 squares of puff pastry with crawfish etouffee sandwiched between and ladled over the top. The maques choux is in the ramekins, it was divine, and the little mound is a scoop of potato salad.


          2. re: Val

            There's also the famous alligator cheesecake appetizer at Jacque-Imos.

        2. Rumor has it that Zea's cajun cream sauce is alfredo sauce with cajun crab boil. Good over pretty much anything.

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            Hungry Celeste

            App: devilled crab, baked in individ ramekins or in one large dish. Top with cracker crumbs and butter...a little of this dish goes a long way.
            Soup: chicken & andouille gumbo (w/rice of course)
            Entree: roasted pork loin, with a side of crawfish cornbread dressing and some slow-cooked green beans w/new potatoes tossed in.
            Dessert: your pie.
            This sounds like Sunday dinner at my parents' house!