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Feb 17, 2004 02:25 AM

Cuban sandwich

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I saw a segment today on the Food Network where they featured a "Cuban" style sandwich. The sandwich is similar to a submarine sandwich, however, a "Cuban" style roll (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside) is used instead of a french roll. It is piled high with an equal amount of ham and roast pork, cheese and lettuce. It is then placed under a "George Foreman Style" grill to melt the cheese. Anyone out there in Chowland know where I can find such a sandwich in San Francisco? Thanks.

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  1. The only Cuban sandwich I have ever come across in the Bay Area is in the restaurant at the public Metropolitan Golf Links golf course near the Oakland airport. The sandwich was OK, however it was not exactly "piled high" with ham and pork.

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      a cuban restaurant opened in sf recently. its called HABANA. you might give them a call.they are on geary blvd i believe.

      1. re: joe

        I had my last Cuban sandwich in Miami 3 months ago (how could one not?). "Piled high" meat is an American aberration. The important thing is the crusty bread,two types of pork (cured and fresh) and of course, pickles.

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          Thank you. Yes, the whole point is intense flavor - from the cured pork and the garlicky roast with that great touch of sour of the slivered pickle - and not huge volume.

    2. There is a taco truck at 13th/Harrison that has Cuban sandwiches. You will see from the thread below that the reviews are not raving, but maybe we need another pass at the Cuban sandwiches. Please report back if you try them!


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        I had a Cuban sandwich in the bar at Acme Chophouse last year. It was pretty tasty.

        1. I can't remember the name of the place, but there is a Cuban restaurant in Palo Alto (that was talked about a couple of years ago) that served these sandwiches. I ordered one when we went (based on Melanie Wong's rave reviews). It was pretty good but a bit too salty for me I thought...

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            La Bodeguita Del Medio

            La Bodeguita Del Medio
            463 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306

          2. Bi Rite (small deli/market on 18th Street, for those just exiting their cave) makes a Cuban sandwich. I thought it was good, but I know nothing about Cuban sandwiches. It was warm, the roll was indeed crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I remember the meat was orangy-pink colored from whatever marinade they had it in, and there was plenty of meat (not Max's deli plenty, but more than I expected). Somebody who knows should go try one and tell the rest of us if it's worthy.....

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              No kidding! I plan to try Bi-Rite's cuban ASAP. Was it pressed/grilled, with swiss cheese, mustard and pickles? Was there ham AND pulled pork?

              The need for a good cuban sandwich just plagues me. Thanks for the tip.

              1. re: Missy P.

                There were definately pickles. And mustard. It was pressed, but on their grill, I think, not a sandwich press. I don't remember cheese. I do remember that the meat was really good, but I don't remember if there was more than one kind -- I think their sign says it's pork, so it's probably just pork (although ham is pork, so who knows). Like I said, I thought it was a good sandwich, but I have no idea if it was a good CUBAN sandwich...