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Aug 12, 2005 09:44 PM

ISO recipe for roti canai curry sauce

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I'm looking for a recipe for the curry dipping sauce that comes with roti canai in Malaysian restaurants. It's some sort of chicken curry, but I haven't been able to find a good recipe online.


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  1. You just have to try different chicken curry recipes until you find one you like. Depending on what part of Malaysia you eat roti canai in, they will have a different type of curry, and many places serve it with dal (lentils).

    Try -- it's the food section of a Malaysian newspaper and they have hundreds of great recipes.

    1. I am also looking for a tried and true recipe for the curry dipping sauce/curry!

      I first fell in love with it here in NYC at a restaurant called Penang, and then again later (after becoming a vegetarian) at another NYC spot GOBO.

      I CRAVE this dish all the time!

      I have a good source for the roti/paratha, just need the roti canai curry stew/sauce for dipping!

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        Hi zekedancin, I'm Mary. Take a look at this Youtube video for your roti canai curry sauce at Or go to Youtube, and type in: Roti Paratha with Curry Sauce & Roti Paratha Dessert by ThunderLaoKATng

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        1. Try "Yeo's Singapore Curry Sauce" in the blue label can from a good Asian supermarket.

          It's about the closest flavor to what you find in the Malaysian restaurants.

          I use it for any meat, and usually add a potato or two. I also fry a finely chopped onion first.

          If you want to use just the canned sauce for roti dipping, you may need to thin it a little to make the flavor less strong, and then need to add a tiny bit of thickener.

          There is also a red label can, but not nearly as tasty.

          1. I'm also thinking a Laksa paste may be worth trying?? It has the authentic Malaysian flavor so it would just be a simple matter of bulking it up a bit so the flavor isn't too strong.