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Aug 12, 2005 05:54 PM

interesting toppings for roasted corn

  • j

I want to roast corn for a picnic and serve with a bunch of yummy toppings.

Chili powder

What else? Maybe something with basil like a pesto or something? Trying to remember what they put at those carts at the state fairs and such.

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  1. I bet pesto would be good...

    Maybe an olive tapenade? The sweetness of the corn might work well with the earthy olive. Then again, it might be weird.

    I stand by my pesto suggestion, though!

    1. Teriyaki sauce, or just some dark soy mixed with garlic and sugar.

      Or Chinese bbq sauce (sacha, satay)

      1. Mayonnaise with a dusting of chipotle (the dried, smoked jalapeno, not the canned "in adobo" variety)

        1. Lime juice, butter,jalapeno,chili powder or chipotle powder, s & p....

          1. I like to slather mine with a mix of Harissa and butter.

            Go light if the Harissa is really hot.