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interesting toppings for roasted corn

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I want to roast corn for a picnic and serve with a bunch of yummy toppings.

Chili powder

What else? Maybe something with basil like a pesto or something? Trying to remember what they put at those carts at the state fairs and such.

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  1. I bet pesto would be good...

    Maybe an olive tapenade? The sweetness of the corn might work well with the earthy olive. Then again, it might be weird.

    I stand by my pesto suggestion, though!

    1. Teriyaki sauce, or just some dark soy mixed with garlic and sugar.

      Or Chinese bbq sauce (sacha, satay)

      1. Mayonnaise with a dusting of chipotle (the dried, smoked jalapeno, not the canned "in adobo" variety)

        1. Lime juice, butter,jalapeno,chili powder or chipotle powder, s & p....

          1. I like to slather mine with a mix of Harissa and butter.

            Go light if the Harissa is really hot.

            1. simmer some epazote and finely minced habanero in good butter, salt, and fresh lime juice and you have a winner....

              1. Crema, ancho chili powder and lime

                1. Here's an old thread that should give you some Asian-style flavoring ideas...

                  Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                  1. I will forever miss the Taiwanese grill corn, but my most recent memories of grill corn is Elotes Asada.

                    Toppings: butter, lime juice, salt, Mayonnaise, then roll in grated cheese (queso blanco? or parmaggian?) then sprinkle oregano and chili/paprika powder.

                    For added variable, get some of the Japanese Wasabi Mayonnaise (they're green, sold in the same plastic container as the kewpi brand) and see what inspires you. Be careful, though. They are quite strong. I would probably mix some with regular mayonnaise for use, instead of full strength.

                    Have fun!

                    1. We do a fresh lime wedge rubbed on the corn, then sprinkled with a blend of salt and red chilli powder (like cayenne).

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                        I like to rub the lime wedge in the chilli salt mixture then rub vigourously over the corn